Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa

Last weekend my grandparents came to visit. It was my Grandpa's first time meeting Willow. We were all so happy to have them here. Grandpa Zip is Willow's only living Great-Grandpa. We wish she could've met her other three! Here are some shots from the weekend:

Meanwhile, flu madness has hit the Jenson household. We've completely bought into the hysteria!

Seriously though, it's very important that Willow not get seasonal or H1N1. With her Chronic Lung Disease, any respiratory illness such as flu would be very bad for her. She got her first seasonal flu shot in early October, and of course the shortage of H1N1 vaccines available was completely stressing us out, particularly since we seem to know more and more people who've gotten that flu. Here's a timeline of our crazy week:

Sunday night: Willow woke up twice at night crying and had a runny nose. We completely panicked and brought her to the doctor the next morning. Doctor said she's fine, lungs sounded clear and we should get a humidifier. The runny nose lasted 2 days with no other symptoms. She's fine now.

Monday: my work had a flu shot clinic. they were only giving H1N1 shots to employees with direct patient care duties, which I'm not. So I went to the clinic prepared to cause a scene if necessary in order to get the shot. I even brought a photo of Willow just after birth so they would understand the importance of my getting vaccinated. Luckily I didn't need to create a spectacle, because the person deciding who'd get it or not was someone I know, Theresa, who knows about Willow and understood right away. Thanks, Theresa!

Tuesday: we found out Josh's coworker, who he spent time in an enclosed truck with, got the H1N1. So we decided to quarantine Josh to my parents' house for the night, while my mom stayed here with Willow and I.

Wednesday: We got Willow and Josh in for their H1N1 shots. Willow needs two, a month apart, to be protected, and this was her first. Unfortunately, although there apparently exists a Thimerosol-free injected vaccine for babies under 2, there were none of those available in our whole county. So we had to inject Willow with mercury. It was a difficult decision, particularly since we've been so careful and have gone to such lengths up to now to ensure Willow only got the safest vaccines, and on a schedule that's acceptable to us. But in the end we decided the risk to her from H1N1 was greater than the risk from the thimerosol. We hope it wasn't too late for Josh. He was quarantined again Wednesday night.

Thursday: We got Linda in for her H1N1 shot. We feel very fortunate we were all able to get the shot, since there is a shortage. Josh is back home - we missed him too much - but he's wearing a mask and staying away from Willow. We won't know for sure for a few more days whether he is OK or not.

Meanwhile, Willow still hasn't gotten her synagis. The insurance/bureocracy rigamarole continues. It blows my mind how hard it can be to get Willow what she needs to stay healthy! But, I think (hope) we have it sorted and she should be getting it early next week.

In other news, I've begun the process of weaning my pump. I googled around for advice and learned there's a whole online community out there of "EP" (Exclusive Pump)-ers. Who knew? I ended up devising my own method of increasing the time between pumpings by 5 minutes each day. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I think it's necessary. I'm sensitive, alright? I'm up to 4 hours, 15 minutes, and so far (mostly) so good. I'm so excited! I'm in no hurry to stop completely, but I want to reduce it, for sure.

Finally, Willow has given up her paci. It was actually pretty easy.

My mom and grandma said she looks like a baby from Laura Ingalls Wilder days in this nightgown. Isn't it cute?

That's all, folks! Happy Friday, and stay healthy!


Sharon said...

Wow-what a week. Great efforts, you guys.

Ooo-love the Laura Ingalls reference-they are right! Should we call Willow "half-pint" like Pa Ingalls? That fits at least when you're wearing your PBR shirt, Linds.

Willow just gets cuter than ever. Can't wait to see her in her Halloween costume!

Rebecca said...

I feel you on the flu madness!

lucky for you guys to already get your shots though - so far Jaleah's ped office doesn't have any and our (John and me) clinic doesn't expect to get any at all. I keep calling Jaleah's Dr.'s office hoping they get it in, but no such luck yet. Did you just get them at her regular Dr.'s office?

I, too, worried about the mercury, but after talking to my cousin, who is a Dr., she made me feel better about them.

Hopefully you can have a less eventful and less stressful weekend now that you all are vaccinated! :)

Amy said...

Scary on the H1N1 flu issues! I read that babies like Willow with lung problems are exactly the ones that need the most protection. Glad you were able to get vaccinated.

Linds - did you get a new haircut? Looks like you're sporting some new layers. Looks cute.

I too love the Little House on the Prairie outfit. She looks so adorable - just want to squeeze those cheeks.

Jody said... the pictures with great grandma and grandpa ( and of course Grandma Judy). Good job on getting the needed flu shots..I know it is not easy. YOu are doing such a good job of protecting little Willow.

Katie Matzke said...

Ah, loved the 4 generations of Bell women snapshot. What a good looking bunch of girls!!! Willow looks so big to me now! It's amazing how much she's grown! Glad you all got your H1N1 shots, too. What a relief for you all. We think Ben already had it, but we will never know for sure I guess. Luckily he didn't get too sick, just high fever, body aches, and pretty wiped for 5 days. Take care!! Katie