Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great Grandma Lois

Hi everyone,

The sad news of this post is that my Grandma Lois passed away last Friday.

Don't worry, there will be happier stuff after this, but I have to mention Grandma first. She was the best Grandma. The kind that you can actually relate to. Not just another old lady. I miss her so much already.

So, we were in Minnesota last weekend and Monday and Tuesday for her funeral.

Great Grandma Lois really loved Willow too. Lots of people told me that at her funeral. She would talk about her all the time and show everyone photos.

Here are some photos of Great Grandma and Willow from last October:

This one is sort of self-explanatory...Willow had a big poop blowout while Grandma was holding her. I can't remember if Grandma got poop on her jeans. As you can see she was a good sport about it!

And here's a photo from just last month, at my Grandma and Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary in Duluth. I'm really glad we got to see her then.

While in Minnesota, Willow also got to meet her new second-cousin-once-removed (I think), Aubrey.

She helped out Great-Great-Uncle Don by mowing the lawn at the farm. Doesn't she look like a tough chick in this photo!

And she got to sit it Grandpa's porch swing/chair. Grandpa was telling the story of how my parents gave him and Grandma this chair back in the 70s. It's the coolest chair. I wonder if they still make them like this anywhere.

Willow is still not a proficient walker - she'll take a few steps if she feels like it, but crawling is still her preferred method of getting around. She's got quite a personality and a sense of humor too. Some of Willow's favorite things at age 16 months are:

Being chased
Dancing (while being held)
Walking (while holding on to your finger(s))
Paper, especially tearing up napkins/tissue
Flipping through magazines with her thumb
Being naked
Yogurt bites

Her vocabulary now includes mama, dada, quack, moo and ball. However she is quite inconsistent with her words. She'll say a word for a couple days and then not say it again for weeks. She definitely said ball earlier this week, which was a new one. She pointed to a ball in a book and said "ba". She did it a few more times after that too.

Willow's other new trick this week is pointing to her ear. You can ask her where her ear is and she points to it.

She had a check-up on Wednesday too. Her weight is up to 17 pounds 12 ounces. Still very small. That's between the 0 and 5th percentile for a 13-month old, and it's below the chart for a 16-month old. Well, she is still following her own curve, so the doctor isn't concerned and neither are we. She's getting to be a much better eater just the last couple weeks. During the day she is eating less milk and more food.

OK, here are a bunch more photos from the past few weeks.

Splashing in the pool is awesome on a hot day...

Until you get so crazy that you splash yourself in the eye!

Here's Willow having her first taste of ice cream. It was a hit, as you can imagine.

Josh entered his first bike race - the Chain Drive. It was a 16-mile mountain bike race. He did it with his friends Marty and Chad. He had a blast and is already planning to maybe do more races later this summer.

At the finish, we happened to see one of Willow's NICU nurses, Amber. She was in the race too! It looks like Willow was very happy to see her. :)

One of Willow's favorite games is to play peek-a-boo around this one corner in our living room. She crawls over to it just giggling with anticipation, and then hides behind the corner and peeks around. It's so funny.

Willow loves cars, trucks and motorcycles. She makes the cutest motor sounds - "vroom, vroom". She only has one wooden motorctcle and a baby-toy-like car. A couple weeks ago we were at some friends' house and a little boy there had some "real" cars and trucks. Willow was glued to them. I guess we'll have to get some better vehicles for our little motorhead. In this photo you can see her making her motor sounds.

Here is her serious face.

We've started brushing her teeth. So far she doesn't mind, which is helpful.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend!


Josh and Tina said...

She sure looks a lot like you, now, Lindsay! :)

Elizabeth said...

Hey guys,

Sorry to hear about your loss, I loved seeing pics of Great-Grandma Lois. She was quite the woman & will be remembered fondly by all. In her memory, I've created the following:


Lois: she was loved, gave much love, and will be loved forever.

-Liz & Cam

Lisa D. said...

Linds and Josh,
Wonderful post and loved the photos. I miss her so much too...some days I feel like I can't breathe...and yet somehow I do. As mom told us.."no wimps!" I'll never live up to that order but I am trying. Love you guys and hope to see you soon. There will be sunny days ahead!

Lisa and all

Sharon said...

What memories you have of Great-Grandma Lois. Those photos of her and Willow are wonderful. So sorry again about your loss...

And what fantastic new photos of Willow! I just laughed and laughed looking at her facial expressions! What a total ham. (And she is a TOTAL hard-core lawnmower chick.)

See you guys soon...for Willow's first camping trip in the Porkies! The Larson's are gonna be happy campers to see Willow (and you two and Scouty, of course...:-)).