Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another hike

I realized that all of our recent blogs have shown photos of us hiking. It could be getting a little boring...sorry. I guess that's when we have our camera and take lots of photos. Well, here are more hiking pictures, from last weekend. We did another hike from our "Walking Paths and Protected Areas of the Keweenaw" book. It was a 2-mile hike in the Lake Bailey Wildlife Sanctuary up in Copper Harbor. it was a fun hike through a cedar bog and was supposed to go up to an really wasn't much of an overlook though. Still, it was fun. Here's Josh and Willow at the trailhead, where there were lots of raspberry bushes. Willow LOVES raspberries.

Walking through the cedar bog...

checking out some cool artifacts...

...and post-hike, all tuckered out.

We stopped at Esrey park too and had a picnic lunch. Here's Willow on the rocks.

Josh and I are looking forward to going back to Copper Harbor next weekend without Willow, for our 5th anniversary. We rented a cabin for a night and Willow is staying with grandma and grandpa. I can't wait!

Speaking of berries, we've been eating a lot of them lately. two weekends ago, we went blueberry picking at a farm out by my parent's camp. They have these little rake things you can use to pick the berries. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. We got 30 pounds of berries in about 20 minutes. So we're all set for the next year for blueberries. Then Beth and I went raspberry picking in the wild too. I got a couple cups and Willow ate them within two days. By the way, Beth and Seth have moved back from Idaho. They're here for the long haul now - Seth got a job on Isle Royale, and Beth is working at the hospital where I work as a dietician! It all worked out perfectly. We're very happy to have them back.

Willow has added another song to her repertoire - "Are you Sleeping" (or Frere Jacques" or "Where is Thumbkin"). We have been trying and trying to catch her singing on video, but every time we get out the camera she clams up. She seems to enjoy singing most when she's playing by herself or when I'm trying to get her calmed down for sleeping. We've gotten a couple videos that aren't that good...we'll get a good one soon and post it, but for now here's one of Willow showing off her talking skills. If she is in the right mood, she'll repeat almost any word you say.

And a couple other random photos. Here's one of her taking an outdoor bath on a hot summer night. Baths are awesome!!

And just a living room shot in her diaper.

Oh, one more thing. Congratulations to Chad and Jessica, our NICU friends, who just had their second baby, Cynthia Lynne. Their daughter Samantha was in the NICU with Willow, and Jessica, like me, had preeclampsia. I think she's very brave to have another baby so soon. I am not brave and another baby is still pretty far from our minds. Oh, and Cynthia was healthy and 8 pounds-something. Yay!


Sharon said...

Great post guys!

Andi said...

Love the video!

Elizabeth said...

Hey there,

I have a few Kewe berry spots, but don't want to just post there here...they'll be totally picked over. I'll email you.

Glad to hear all is well, this is the time of the year to get out & about. Enjoy the green leaves!


-Liz & Cam

Robin and Bill said...

LOVE that video of Willow talking!!!

Chad Fluegge said...

4jlfuHi Lindsey!!
Sorry I had not been on your blog in a long time. I have been a little busy.:)
Cynthia is doing great!! Although she did get her first ride in an ambulance last week. She chocked and stoped breathing on us. But she is doing fine now.

Man Willow is so big!!
We need to see each other again soon so they can play.