Saturday, November 5, 2011

Corn Maze

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for us - both at work and home. Here's a quick post with some photos that are already a few weeks old. I will have to try to catch up some more next weekend.

Willow and Maisa had a playdate one cold and windy Saturday. We tried to go to McLain's, but it ended up being so cold, we didn't stay long and ended up at Maisa's house having tea and snacks.

The weekend after that, Josh, Willow and I went to the corn maze. It was more fun this year - Willow actually sort of understood the concept of finding the different items in the maze. And she was very impressed by the big catapult thing this year - last year she didn't even really notice it.

Here are ours and the Ryynanen's jack-o-lanterns. They came over with Margot to carve them.

I mentioned a couple posts ago about Willow's tummyaches. Well, after a couple weeks on the probiotics, we hadn't noticed any change. Then Willow had a 3-day hunger strike and her poop got even yuckier. So I brought her in again. They did an x-ray of her tummy which came back normal. The day after her second doctor's appointment, her poop went back to the way it was (still yucky, but not that yucky) and her appetite came back with a vengeance. Also, her tummyaches have mostly gone away. But, her poop is still not right, so we brought some of it in (that was fun) for testing in the lab. We are still waiting for those results, so we'll see. My mom actually says I had a few months of runny poop when I was Willow's age and then it went away. Can diarrhea actually be genetic?? Hmmm.

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