Saturday, January 28, 2012

Skiing, first haircut

I finally brought my camera to the trails:

My New Year's resolution was to get out in nature with Josh and Willow every Sunday. So far I have kept it! We've been skiing every Sunday in January. We've only been to the Tech trails with Willow....maybe this weekend we can head over to Maasto Hiito.

I french braided Willow hair the other day! I was surprised I could still do it. I don't think I've done it since junior high basketball days. It didn't stay looking this nice for long.

Then on Thursday, we brought her to get her hair trimmed. We just got the tiniest amount off, just to even it out a bit. She was very good and didn't fuss or cry.

Willow is very into drawing Ws these days. Here's some of her handiwork:

She is also learning how to write her name. She did this one letter at a time as I demonstrated on the board above how to write the letter; she copied each one.

We went to Wausau last Wednesday to see the pediatric GI doctor about Willow's tummy issues. He didn't seem to have a magic solution, but instead drew more blood to run more tests. Just yesterday they called with the results. Of course everything came back normal. Then they said the next step is a "barium enema", and the next thing I knew, we had that all scheduled up for this Wednesday! Now I'm really having some second thoughts, wondering if I am rushing into this crazy procedure for no good reason. I mean, Willow's tummyaches aren't acute, and her poop is only mushy, not completely watery...are we overreacting? Will she just outgrow it? This enema thing happened so fast I didn't really have time to ponder. Apparently it's pretty scary - they strap the kid to a plexiglass board and stick a tube up her bum, then put this colored liquid up there and watch it on a TV screen as it flows back out, to identify any areas of the intestine that are not normal. It's going to be really scary. I may back out. If anyone has been through this before and has advice, please let me know!

In other news, Josh has been unemployed for a few weeks now - the snow scoop business is slow. So he decided to remodel our kitchen. Nothing big - just new counters, a new faucet, paint, and some shelves.But now that he's knee-deep in it, he found out he's going back to work next week. If he ever finishes, we'll post some before and after photos.


Robin and Bill said...

Hi Lindsay,
I just remembered Mark had a barium enema when he was 5, I think. He'd been having stomach aches and was missing a lot of school, and they couldn't find out what was wrong. That too came back inconclusive but he didn't have a stomach ache anymore. He was little like Willow, too, if you remember.

Lindsay said...

Really? So the enema cured him? I thought it was just a diagnostic thing. I am scared for them to find something but scared for it to come back normal too - they said the next step is an endoscopy! One thing I took from your comment about Mark...he turned out just fine! He is not small anymore.

Katie said...

That procedure sounds horrible! Charlotte hasn't had that procedure but we've faced similarly difficult decisions. For us it has come down to the frequency and intensity of pain vs. knowing the cause (but when it turns out there are no answers it's pretty frustrating). Good luck!