Sunday, September 16, 2012

Houghton County Fair

Here are some photos of Willow at the County fair a couple weeks ago. Like I mentioned in the last quick post, the rides were definitely the best part. As she gets older, I hope that she's not banned from rides she wants to go on because she's so small (you know how some rides have height restrictions)!

This was definitely not "GAPS-legal". Yum.

Race car.

Whale. Josh got yelled at by the carny for touching the fence. He actually stopped the ride to come over and yell at Josh. Haha.

Here she is climbing up the ladder of the bouncy slide. This was the one last year where she climbed up but then was afraid to go down, and the carny had to go up and rescue her. This year she was all about it. You were only supposed to go down once, but she did it twice and then cried when we said she couldn't go again. 3 bucks for that!

Merry-go-Round. She said this was her favorite.