Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seda Lee

Hi everyone!

Most of you have heard by now that Seda Lee Jenson (pronounced "see-da") was born on March 10. It's now March 19, and while she is napping in her bouncy chair I am going to try to squeeze in a photo-heavy blog post.

I went into labor spontaneously the night of Saturday, March 9. It was 11:00, midnight with the time change. I was asleep and woke up because my water broke. I noticed I was having contractions too. I went downstairs and told Josh. We tried to sleep and chill out a bit during the early labor, but I couldn't sleep; I was too excited. Throughout the night the contractions got stronger and closer together. At about 4 AM we called Jess, my doula. Then I called my doctor and got the only bad news of the whole affair - she was out of town! She was in Marquette for her kid's basketball tournament. This meant that the other doctor, Dr. F., was on call to deliver my baby. I was pretty upset for a bit. I really like my doctor, and she had been very supportive of the type of birth I wanted to have (which I won't get into, here), whereas the other doctor, wasn't so much. But I had more important things to worry about and we had to get over it. We headed for the hospital and arrived there at about 7 AM. One of my favorite OB nurses was working (remember I work there so I know everyone), and she was training a new one who I also really like, who was just at my orientation the week before.

I won't go into all the crazy details here, but I labored for another 7 hours once we got there and Seda was born at 1:55 PM on Sunday. All I can say about giving birth is, it was crazy intense - indescribable, really -  and my experience was everything I was hoping it would be. I want to say right off the bat, to redeem my comments above about Dr. F., that he was just awesome. 100% respectful and professional, and followed my birth plan exactly. I had nothing to worry about. I am honestly filled with gratitude towards him right now.

The birth was as natural as possible under the circumstances. I had no pain meds at all, and the only drug I got was after the birth when they gave me a shot of pitocin in the arm, to help the uterus shrink down or whatever. They made me have a "hep lock" in my arm just in case, but I had no IV. I also had to have continuous fetal monitoring, which meant no water birth, but that was OK with me. I am so, so grateful that I got to experience this; I'm still trying to process it in my brain by writing about it in my journal. It was just awesome.

Here's a picture of us shortly after the birth. I don't feel it's too indecent and don't mind sharing it. Seda was the pinkest baby our doula ever saw when she came out. Her apgars were 9 and 9. She was 6 pounds, 4.5 ounces.

I know I've already praised Dr. F., but I also just have to say that Aspirus Keweenaw was awesome all around. I'm not just saying that because I work there. Everyone - the nurses, CNAs, kitchen staff -  was just amazing and the experience could not have been much better.

And here are a bunch of pictures of Seda. These were all taken at home.

 This is the "I'm hungry" face. She's been a great eater so far.


 And here's the big sister. Willow has taken it pretty well so far, I think. She's been a little demanding, but I think she is starting to understand. She does love to help by running for diapers, etc. :)


My friend Sharon stopped by for a visit a couple days ago. Her due date is the day after mine was (March 25). I call this photo "baby out, baby in".

 Seda also had her first outing 3 days after her birth - a weight check at her doctor's. I was feeling pretty good that day, and after the appointment, we all went out to lunch! It was a pretty incredible feeling being out and about 3 days after giving birth! By the way, we left the hospital the day after she was born. A 1-day hospital stay for Seda, in contract to Willow's 105-day stay. :)

 And finally, here is a video of Willow in her awesome snow fort that Daddy helped her build. We've been trying to get her outside daily on her non-school days to blow off some steam. It's needed!


Christine Hodges said...

congratulations, Lindsay, Josh and Willow! Seda is just beautiful. I love her cute hairdo. I'm so glad that your birth experience was just what you had hoped for. You deserve it after your challenging first experience with Willow. I hopw to see the baby one day soon.

Amy said...

Congrats, Linds & Josh! Seda is so beautiful and we can't wait to meet her. :)

Katie Russell said...

So happy for you! It felt personally therapeutic to read about how perfectly everything went for you this time. Awesome! Congratulations.