Sunday, October 13, 2013


Looking back at the photos from July, it doesn't seem like we did a lot. It was a very cold July. Here is a photo of the four of us from the 4th of July. Seda and I walked in the Aspirus float in the Lake Linden parade while Willow and Josh watched. Then we went out to lunch at the DT and out to the Gay parade, then to my parents' camp. We didn't see any fireworks this year.

July and August were very busy months for me at work, unfortunately. Trying to get caught up after being gone for 3 months is not fun. Seda was still little enough that I could bring her to the office with me on the weekends and she'd stay entertained and also contained! She'd sleep a lot too. Here she is in her bumbo chair at work.

Seda is a thumb-sucker. It started in July. She is still doing it, usually when she is tired. It's pretty darn cute. It's nice she can do that to help herself fall asleep after nursing. We have not used a paci at all with her. We tried a couple times when she was newborn, but she wasn't too into it so we didn't push it.

Here's Seda taking an outdoor bath on one of the few hot days in July.

And here's one of the sisters in their summer clothes.

Oh, one more shot...of Daddy reading his girls the funnies.

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