Saturday, November 9, 2013


Here is a quick snapshot of what we did in the month of September. We had beautiful weather all month!

We gave Seda food for the first time. I think the first thing we tried was avocados. As I write this in September, she's tried avocados, sweet potatoes, rice cereal, applesauce, pears, and a few commercial baby foods. She doesn't eat a whole lot, but does like to play with her spoon while we eat dinner. She sits at the table with us in the high chair.

We did our last camping trip of the summer in early September. It was for my work picnic. We had the picnic at the Lake Linden campground pavillion, and then afterwards, a bunch of people, including us, stayed the night. It wasn't exactly a wilderness experience - we were the only tenters in what is basically an RV park - but it was fun anyway. Willow had a great time going around and around the little paved road on her bike with my coworker Dave's three boys. Here's Josh and Seda sitting around the campfire.

Teeth! Seda got her first two (the bottom front) teeth in September. The teething hasn't bothered her much, but she does drool a lot. Here she is with one of her favorite teething toys. I haven't had much luck trying to get a photo of the teeth, but they're darn cute.

One Sunday, we took a hike to our secret apple tree with my coworker Mariah and her husband Jerod and baby daughter Mayona. Here are me and Willow up in the tree knocking down apples. The tree caused some strife because Willow wanted to climb it the entire time, but we didn't really trust her to do it by herself quite yet, and we also wanted to chill on the grass and eat our picnic and drink beer rather than be constantly up the tree with her. The girl loves to year we have got to get her a monkeybar or something for our yard.

Here is Seda with her new friend, Mayona. Mayona was born August 22, so I guess in this photo she is about a month old or maybe even less - I can't remember the exact date we did this hike.

One night, Willow and I had a girls night out and went to the Calumet Theatre for "Seussical the Musical". It was a good show and Willow stayed entertained for the most part. I didn't get any pictures of us at the show, but here we are on the way out the door. We both wore our black tights and red ponchos. :)

One more thing, for the record: Seda had her 6-month appointment in September. She was 14 pounds, 4 ounces, which is the 11th percentile, and 25 inches long, which is the 9th percentile. Looking back at Willow's stats, it seems like Willow was about the same! So maybe Willow's small size wasn't so much related to her prematurity but more that we just have small children. :)

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