Saturday, January 17, 2009

22 weeks

Sorry if this post is a little morbid...some sorta sad stuff has been going on. First of all, my job has changed quite a bit in the past week. The CEO's secretary, Donna, her husband was dying of cancer. So she took some time off to be with him. They asked me to fill in for her...which is cool I guess. I wasn't sure if I should be honored that he wanted me as his secretary, or offended that they think of me as a secretary. But it's been fine. Basically, I've been doing my job but at her desk (I'm remoting in to my computer). All I have to really do extra is take his phone calls and be there as a sort of receptionist, and do a few clerical things here and there. One good thing is that her office is much warmer than mine. Her husband did end up dying on Thursday :( . I'm thinking about you, Donna!

Also, on Wednesday my Grandpa Otto died. It's sad, but not unexpected or anything. It was his 93rd birthday. He's had a long and productive life, and was still working up until about 6 months ago when he fell off a ladder in his shop. It was pretty much a downhill slide from there; he'd been in a nursing home since then. I wish I had a photo of him to put up as a sort of memorial on my blog, but I don't believe I have a single digital shot of him. Maybe I'll scan one next week at work. Anyway, Josh and I are headed to MN tomorrow; the funeral is on Tuesday.

In happier news, I had another doctor's appointment on Monday. Everything's coming along just fine. I've gained 12 pounds now! The heartbeat is still sounding strong and my "measurements" are good. I have an ultrasound on Thursday. I can't wait to see our baby again! Hopefully it has some legs now (the first ultrasound it was just a tail) - I'm pretty sure it does since it's been kicking every day.

Josh and I are planning a trip for mid-February. It'll be like our last chance to hang out with just us two. We're so excited. We're flying to Miami February 14, and taking a little road trip down the Florida keys. That's all we've really got so far-we haven't figured out any details yet. We settled on the Keys because we wanted to make sure we went somewhere where we could be pretty much guaranteed that it would be warm...but I wanted to stay in this country. I didn't want to risk getting Montezuma's revenge or some weird bug while pregnant. So we basically picked the southernmost point of the U.S. of A. When we get back, we're flying into Minneapolis, and I've heard I'm having a baby shower the next day. So we've started a registry; there's a link to it over on the right.

Hopefully on my next post I'll have some baby pictures for you!

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Katie said...

sorry to hear about your grandpa. I am supper excited, for your baby. I went skiing this weekend. It was stellar. We went to Targee. I heard that the village ski area was frozen the whole time. luv ya.