Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi everyone,

I guess the biggest news of the week is that Willow has decided that eating isn't so bad after all. It's almost like when "the switch turned on" in the NICU and she learned how to take full feeds from the bottle - all of a sudden she actually enjoys eating! Ever since we brought her home, eating has been a struggle, with Willow often fussing and pushing the bottle away. It was stressful because we wanted her to eat so she'd grow, but everything you read says "never force a baby to eat, their hunger cues will be permanently screwed up and they'll end up obese." Well, half the time we felt like we were forcing her to eat. About a week after we started letting her sleep all night, she suddenly started actually fussing when we took the bottle out of her mouth, and reaching for her bottle! Feedings are much easier now, and go much faster (just like you said, Becky!). Hurray! She has become a great sleeper too - going all night, as long as we care to sleep. We're getting more sleep than we know what to do with - plus, I'm up to 5 hours between pumpings. The freedom!

Willow was a sock monkey for Halloween. We went over to my parents' house to hang out and give out candy (we don't get trick-or-treaters where we live, which is mostly student rentals).

I'll be tested this week, as I have to go to Wausau, WI for work for 2 nights. I'll be away from Willow for over three days! :(

I was away from her for longer than that when she was in the hospital, but I think this will be harder, since now she knows who I am and knows what's going on. Josh will have his hands full...what a guy.

The word of the week is "gee". Not like gee whiz, but with a hard G. Willow says it over and over, both in distress and when she's happy. Here's a video:

Snoozing in the sling:

When she falls asleep in the sling (which is often), we just lay her down and slip out. This is a common sight in our living room:

Petting the kitty:

Happy baby and grandma! Notice her cool pumpkin hat from auntie Jill:


Marcia said...

What an adorable sock monkey! I check in more than I comment. It's so good to see how loved she is and how she is growing. The NICU has been very busy lately, but you all are still thought of frequently.

Chad Fluegge said...

I thought I would write a note and say hi!!!!!
And also tell Lindsey Happy Birthday!!!
Willow is getting so big. Lil' Sam is getting big too. she is into everything now even trying to climb the steps!! She made it up one but I am trying to keep her off them.
I notice that Marcia posted a note on here Is the the nurse that is on the ob part? I think I know who she is by the pic but I can't tell forsure.
well Hope you have a wonderful day.
Your friends
Chad Jessica and Lil'Samantha

jannahope said...

What a cute little Sock Monkey! It's so fun to see and hear how "normal" life has become. Happy Birthday Lindsay - I hope this week away isn't too hard on you.

Love - Auntie Janna

jill said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

Our little sock monkey is adorable, really, really adorable. Seems strange that "normal" can be so exciting, but it is just plain wonderful that eating and sleeping are now just as they should be. Hip, hip, hurray!


auntie jill

The Emery's said...

She is sooooo cute! So cute!!! We enjoy visiting your blog! What a blessing Willow is!