Saturday, November 21, 2009


On the eve of her 6-month (corrected) birthday, Willow has a new skill: sitting! She sat by herself today while I folded and put away an entire load of laundry. I caught it on video later while she was playing:

She's also been doing a lot of BOUNCING!

Here she is with one of Daddy's creations:

And here's one of my other new babies: new snowboard boots! I'm so excited...I know I won't get out much this year, but it'll definitely be more than last year, which was not at all.


Lois Bell said...

Hello little Willow. I saw your "sitting up" pictures today. Very cute. You are getting to be a big girl now. Hi to your mom and dad and G'ma and G'pa. We love you. Gt. Gma and Gpa

Andrea said...

It's time for couch pillows!!!!!!!! How exciting!

Katie Matzke said...

Happy 6 month Birthday, Willow! I bet you like your new view of the world sitting up! Won't be long and you will be MOBILE!!! Take care, and have a great Thanksgiving!

The Emery's said...

We love visiting your blog- Willow is such a miracle baby- just absolutely beautiful too! You're so good at blogging- it's fun to read! Take care and Merry Christmas!
~Jen & Matt

Amy said...

Dude - those are some galactic snowboard boots! They look like astronaut moon boots slimmed down to fit a board. I dig them very much :)

Amy said...
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