Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Willow

Today is Willow's first birthday. It's definitely been a week of memories and reminiscing. "A year ago we were..." As I write this, a year ago I was in the ICU....but, I'm not going to rehash all that on this post. Today is a happy day!

This morning the guys on the local radio station's morning show wished Willow a happy birthday and told her story; it was really cute. One of the guys just had a granddaughter in the MGH NICU, but she was only there for 6 days. He could hardly believe Willow was there for 105. Josh emailed the message to them last night. "Deve at Dawn" "had a tear in his eye" when he read the email.

We decided not to have a big bash for this birthday. We're just having my parents over tomorrow to open presents and have cake and stuff. We figure we'll have a big party, with kids, for her corrected birthday in May. That's one of the advantages of being a preemie - you get two birthdays!

I wanted to post this video that my aunt Lisa made for us shortly after Willow was born. We are pretty big Beatles fans, but we never knew that Paul McCartney had a song about Willow! It's actually a pretty good song.

When she first sent it to us, a few days after Willow was born, I couldn't really watch it - I was too much of an emotional wreck. I can watch it now though, and we thought you'd enjoy it too. It's far too good to keep to ourselves. Thanks again Lisa!

Here's a recent video too, for comparison. :)

We'll post some photos after tomorrow, of the birthday girl in her party hat with some of her presents.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Andi said...

I can see why you had a hard time watching the video a year ago... I wanted to cry today! It's so special! Happy Birthday, Willow! You made it :)

Nate said...

Thank you for sharing your Video!! Gulp. Happy Birthday Willow!! It seems like not that long ago, and then again it seems like forever ago!! Hope we get to see you soon....

Emily said...

That was such a beautiful video Lisa made. And the one you made was funny. She is loud!I'm looking forward to the birthday pictures.

Sharon said...

Aw...what a thoughtful video. Got teary. Awesome Beatles song too.

Happy (1 of 2) Birthday Willow!

Auntie Sharon

Amy said...

I got teary too! That video is awesome and the song could not be more perfect. Happy Birthday Little Willow - glad to see you're a happy, healthy, chirpy (from the recent video) chick!