Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday and weekend photos

Here are some photos from the weekend. It was a great one - the weather was beautiful and we had my parents over on Saturday night for Willow's birthday. We did some skyping with Josh's family too.

We gave Willow one present to open on Friday night, since that was her actual birthday. Leave it to Beth the artist to send a really cute homemade baby toy. Thanks Beth - Willow loves it!

The next morning Willow's friends Myah and Carter stopped by with a gift. What a nice surprise! Here's Willow with Myah - not a great photo, but still cute. Thanks for the cute deer and the books, Myah and Carter!

Saturday Willow had a lot of gifts to open. She had fun with it. The tissue paper was the best part, of course. We had a party hat on her for awhile, then Josh accidentally snapped the rubber band on her chin a little bit, and after that she wouldn't wear the hat anymore.

Grandpa got her a baseball cap that says "Marquette, MI" on it - her birthplace. :) Here it is, although it's sideways so you can't see the words.

I made angel food cupcakes, and although Willow isn't ready for cupcakes (she gags if her baby food has any lumps), she did enjoy the frosting! It was her first experience with sugar.

Today she had her first date ;) . A friend of mine that I met at La Leche League came over with her son Eli. He's just a couple weeks younger than Willow's corrected age. They seemed to have fun with each other. What a cutie! I didn't get a great photo of them (I was bad this weekend), but here's one anyway.

We also went out for a nice long walk today with Ruthie. It was sunny and 35. Made me very anxious for spring! Willow took off her mitten and felt the snow.

Sorry this post isn't very witty or interesting. I'm rushing to finish because Willow needs to go to sleep. Good night!


Emily said...

Linds and Josh,
Those pics are adorable. I think they are the best you're going to get when there are two little ones involved, so don't worry, you're doing a great job!

Chad Fluegge said...

She is SOOOOO cute!!!!

Katie Matzke said...

A very belated happy birthday to sweet, adorable Willow! What a challenging, yet wonderful year you've had with your little girl! She is sooooocute!!!!Take care,