Sunday, March 21, 2010


I finally found some time to sit down and really write in the blog. Willow has changed a lot since the last real post. She's crawling now, and has a third tooth coming in on top. She can clap and she knows the letter O. She has stood on her own for up to 15-20 seconds. She's starting to get a little better at eating food, though still much prefers milk! She just won't eat anything that's not mush. We try to give her teething biscuits and those little yogurt bites that melt in your mouth. She's just not really into those yet. She also doesn't understand the sippy cup. I guess she's always been a little slow in matters related to eating!

When the Jenson's were watching Willow while we were in Cleveland, Janna's friend Missy gave Willow a toy that used to be her daughters'. It's a play gym Willow can stand at and do all sorts of activities. It has music and everything. Willow loves it. Missy, if you're reading this: THANKS! Here's some photos of her playing with it - check out that look of concentration!- and also a video.

We've had some crazy warm days here - 50s and even up to 60 a couple days, I think. We broke out the stroller. Willow just loves getting outside, and she will sometimes say hello to people we pass. We're so excited for spring. Willow's basically been imprisoned in our house all winter, and we can't wait to get her outside to see some new things.

Here's a video of the new crawling skills. She's not a pro yet but is getting faster every day.


Sharon said...

WOW! Impressive!!! Game-playing, crawling... Go Willow Go!

Lois Bell said...

Fun to see her crawling. It took me a time to get her across that floor with my old computer, but I hung in there. Have a good weekend