Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hi everyone,

Sometimes I feel like we're so busy, and everything is work work work and we never get to relax and have fun. But when I look back at our photos from the last month, I realize that is really not true. We've had a lot of fun!

We did a little hike on Mont Ripley (our local ski hill):

We did another hike from our book, the Gratiot Lake Overlook trail, up in Keweenaw County. Another great little hike we never knew existed!

Josh's family came to visit and we had Willow's corrected birthday party (we've already posted a few photos from that weekend, but here are a few more).

A couple of Willow's friends. Not a great photo, but wanted to include them. We got a photo of all the babies, but it's on my mom's camera...

Josh's parents rented a log cabin while they were up. Willow had a great time on the stairs, undder auntie Janna's watchful eye.

And then, as I mentioned in that last (lame) post, last weekend we went to Duluth for my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. I was a really bad picture-taker the whole weekend though. Again, my mom got some better ones but I haven't gotten those myself yet. Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa!!

Here's Willow with Grandpa. She was on a mission to "walk" (holding on to your hands) all weekend. Grandpa got her to let go of one hand. She's so close!!

Here's Willow with Great-Grandma Lois (one of them; she has two Great-Grandma Loises :) )

Here we are in the hotel pool. She just loved it. I wish I could post a video of her splashing, but I'm too impatient to wait for a video to upload. I actually was a little cold in the pool, but Willow was tough - she was smiling from the second she was in. And about 3 seconds after we got in she started splashing and didn't really stop the whole time.

Here's Willow with Uncle Ryan. He flew in for a quick 2-day visit.

Here's Willow with Jenny, who I just learned is now officially my future-first-cousin-once-removed-in-law. Congratulations, Matt and Jenny!

While in Duluth, we also got to have a quick visit with our friends Sharon and Andy, who live there. We did a quick hike in Chester Bowl. Willow fell asleep for part of it.

She enjoyed looking over this bridge at the creek below:

So yeah, we've been busy, but it's a good busy. Summer always flies by so fast. You gotta enjoy it!

Willow is changing by leaps and bounds. For a while she only had her top inclisors with no front teeth, and we were calling her "Fang". Then on Thursday, both front teeth popped through in one day, and suddenly they're the same size as the fangs. Two more bottom teeth are poking through too, so she now has 8 teeth. Her hair is still coming, slow but sure:

She learned how to drink through a straw, and we did get her a sippy cup with a straw. She still drinks from a bottle during the day with Linda though. I know you're supposed to stop bottles around a Guess we better get on that.

Speaking of Linda, finally, here is a photo of her. We love Linda! Willow squeals with excitement when Linda arrives in the morning. She's awesome!

Well, that's enough blogging for now. It's 80 degrees and sunny, and I need to get outside!


jill said...


... grandma jean and auntie jill want to see the swim video, please?!

Eight teeth? Amazing! It seems like teething hasn't been too difficult for Willow. I am so glad.

We love you,

jean and jill

Sharon said...

Great post! Good stuff going on.

I can't believe how much Willow changes every time we see her! Watching her stand by herself and walking around with her was such a treat. And...glad to have a Scouty-sit weekend of course. Lots of bellyrubs for her too.

Nice work on the new teeth, hair, and straw-sipping Willow! Can't wait to see you soon.

Auntie Sharon