Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blizzard the husky


Josh and I are over at my parents' house right now to watch the Super Bowl. I tried to do a post earlier, but the videos I was trying to post weren't working. So I'm just going to do a quick one here and get on to watching TV...or knitting in front of the TV, I guess, because I care so little about football I'd rather knit than watch the game.

We've attended two MTU hockey games in recent weeks, and both times we got to sit up in the "box seats" since we're so important, ha. Willow was SO SO excited to see Blizzard the husky. She went right up to him and put her hands up like she wanted him to pick her up. After we got home, she became obsessed with this photo, and kept asking us to show it to her on the camera again and again. Finally, we printed it and laminated it so she could carry it around with her. Then a couple days later, Blizzard was on the front page of our local newspaper...she was so excited to see him again! How funny.

This photo was taken after the game ended. This is the view from the box seat. It's way more fun than sitting in the regular seats. It's easier to socialize (which is my main reason for attending games), you can have beer, and it's warmer.

Last weekend we attended the "Heikenpaiva" mid-winter festival with Willow. We watched a polka band, ate some Finnish baked goods, and watched a parade. I didn't get any photos except this one, which is Josh pushing Willow on a "kick sled", a pretty cool contraption where one person sits on the seat, and the other can kick along, sort of like you're on a scooter. We also attended another sledding birthday party that same day for Willow's friend Cayden who was turning 5.

Willow has always been very fashionable when it comes to hats, and recently she's been the recipient of two more homemade knit ones. Here she is modeling the one from Grandma Jean. This is an action shot of her going down her slide.

This hat is from auntie Jill. So cute!

Here's Willow and Dada during their after-dinner ritual. Josh plays guitar ("Dar", to Willow), and Willow either dances or plays with his guitar picks (which for some reason, she loves). She also loves to climb on and in his hard guitar case.

And the parting shot is Josh scooping snow in front of our house. We didn't get the big storms that a lot of the country recently got, unfortunately. At least it was good for the snow scoop and snow rake business - Josh even worked on Saturday!

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Sharon said...

Great photos! Love her new hats...and love the pic with her in the guitar case. Cutecutecute.