Friday, February 11, 2011

Video for GG

Happy Friday!

I got up early this morning and thought I'd check to see if the video uploading was any faster this time of the day. (Does that even make sense? I'm not that smart about techie stuff). Anyway, it was and I uploaded a video. You can see how much energy Willow has these days, which I think is typical of an almost-2-year-old. Also, you can see the annoying habit she's developed: anytime we try to take a video of her, she won't do anything because she gets distracted by the fact that we're recording, and runs over to the camera so she can see the "baby" (herself). Almost all the videos we've taken of her lately end this way, with her saying "baby!" and running over the the camera. It's sort of funny but it makes it hard to get any good video.

Willow said her first 3-word sentence the other day: "Get down, Daria!" (Daria is our cat, and we're often telling her to get down from various surfaces she is not supposed to be on).

Oh, and this video is dedicated to "G.G.", (great grandma), Josh's grandma Lois, who finally got high speed Internet, just for the purpose of watching Willow videos!


Josh Jenson said...
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Jill S said...

Hi Willow
Happy Birthday. We thought there might be a picture from Puerto Rico with you in your new swimsuit. Hope you're having fun.
Jill & Roger