Saturday, May 7, 2011

The circus

Willow and I went to the circus yesterday. I am sort of opposed to circuses but I thought it would be worth it to let Willow see an elephant in real life. It was pretty fun! We sat in the seats and for the most part she watched the show. At a few points she got really excited about something and would point and scream/laugh. At halftime, they opened up the floor, and you could pay extra to do various things like ride the elephant, ride the camel, get your picture taken with a snake, etc. Obviously I should've anticipated there would be stuff like this, but I didn't, and had no cash on me! Bad move. Luckily, I think Willow is still little enough that she didn't really mind. At least we got to get up close to the animals. She did really want a balloon and said "Boon, Willow", a few times. Man, did I feel like a bad mom. I will not make the same mistake if we go next year. The one thing that was free was talking to the clowns, so we did that, and they stamped Willow's hands with a smiley face stamp, which was pretty exciting for her. After halftime the show was getting a little long and Willow had the wiggles and was hungry so we left a little early to beat the traffic jam. Here are a couple photos.

The other news of this week is that we have new stats for Willow - she had a doctor's checkup on Wednesday. She is now 21 pounds and 31.5 inches tall. She's still following her curve for weight, which is below the charts for her real age and at about the 7th percentile for her corrected age. I even looked in my preemie book at the growth chart for "premature girls who weighed less than 1500 grams at birth". On that chart she is at about the 10th percentile. For height she gained some ground, and is nearing the 5th percentile line for her real age. Woo hoo! Anyway, the doctor said she is doing great and we are no longer concerned about her size. She's just a small kid.

Pretty soon she'll fit into mama's shoes. :)

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Andi said...

I'm glad you had fun at the circus, we went, too :) By leaving early, though, you missed the best part! The elephants!!! Oh well, there's always next year! We'll have to go together!