Saturday, April 30, 2011



On Easter we went out to my parents' camp, where my mom had and easter egg "hunt" for Willow. I think she is just the right age for this - she really loved it. After she found all the eggs, we'd distract her, take a big handful of eggs out of her basket, and go hide them again in a different part of the yard so she could keep going. I think she would've hunted eggs all day if we let her. It was a pretty nice day out there, even next to the lake. Nice days have been rare this spring, so that was lucky. Here is a photo and a video of Willow on her egg hunt.

She got an Easter basket from Grandma too.

Licking the beaters from the whipped cream. We had strawberry shortcake.

On her chair at camp.

At home, hugging Elmo and Da.

Last night, with baby Margot. Willow really loves Margot, and talks about her all the time. We often get together with Ruth and Chad on Friday nights, and yesterday morning, I said, "Willow, it's Friday!" and she said "Margot". I don't know how she knew!

Giving her a snuggle.

And finally, I had to include this photo - I think it is awesome. These were my shades when I was little. Doesn't she look hip?


sharon + andy said...

Awesome post! Lived the Easter Egg hunt video. What a sweet little voice she has. Super trendy hat and shawl too - where can I order those?! :-)

Awesome parting shot too with Ronald. LOVE IT. I can see that on her senior graduation party card.


sharon + andy said...

oops-LOVED the Easter Egg...blahblah. Not lived. You know.