Friday, July 15, 2011

Fourth of July


We're on a little vacation this weekend, down in Hastings for Josh's cousin Amanda's wedding. It's a quiet, rainy day here, and Willow's napping, so I seized the chance to write a blog post.

I'll have to skip the camping post I wanted to write - those photos are all at home. The photos I have here are from the Fourth of July. We had a wonderful weekend with our good friends Mark and Amy and baby Ava.

They drove up to visit on Friday, July 1 and got to our house in the evening. On Saturday, the weather was just perfect - sunny and about 80, I think. The guys went biking, and me, Amy, Ava and Willow went on a hike. The hike sort of backfired, but I won't go into that. Then we all went back to our place and spent the afternoon lounging in the yard, playing a beanbag toss game, and drinking beer. It was really run and so relaxing!

Willow's very first popcicle!

Here's Willow with baby Ava.

Is she adorable or what!

The next day we went out to my parent's camp and had a beach day on the big lake. It was very hot out but the water was freezing! I'm no meteorologist, but it was something about the wind taking all the surface water out and leaving the freezing water underneath. (By the way, I am not in the video because I had already gone in) :)

After hitting up a barbecue at the Vendlinski's, we went to the Lake Linden park for the fireworks. Willow loved them and talked about them for days afterward. "Siawoks!" is how she said it.

This was taken through the fireworks glasses.

The park had a monkeybar where Willow tested her strength.

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Amy said...

Haha - can't believe you posted a picture from the 'fireworks glasses.' Dork! They were pretty sweet, though :) Can't wait for our next trip up to the U.P.!