Saturday, February 11, 2012

No news is good news?


We got the results back from Willow's procedure. The doctor said he didn't see anything real unusual. I guess they were looking for evidence of Hirschsprung's Disease, but it seems she doesn't have that. Whew. I had to google it, and it doesn't look fun. The doctor did say he was only looking at the "still shots" from the procedure, and he was going to request they send him the whole 50-minute long movie of Willow's colon, just to be sure. We don't have those results back yet, but I am really not expecting anything to come from that. So...I guess that is good news. Willow's tummyaches, etc., have been on an upswing lately, so maybe it is just going away on its own. I don't know what to think. If they recommend anything more invasive, I will definitely think long and hard before I put Willow through any more procedures.

Josh and Willow are going to Hastings on Sunday for a few days to visit his fam (he's unemployed again - more on that later). So, I did decide to have Willow see one more doctor. See, my coworker has been saying all along that I need to bring Willow to this chiropractor/nutritionist guy that her daughter and husband both saw for different ailments. Per her, he is some sort of miracle worker and will know basically by looking at Willow why she has her tummy issues and how to fix them. The doctor is in the twin cities. YES, I am taking this with a huge grain of salt,and NO, I won't be putting Willow through any crazy new-age rituals or diets just because he says to. But, I figured since they were going there anyway, what could it hurt. We'll just see what he says.

So yeah, Josh was back to work for three days, and then off again. This past week he worked on the kitchen, and Linda watched Willow at her place again. But now he is basically done with the kitchen (it is almost done, and then I'll post photos). And his boss just told him he'll be off for another 4-6 weeks. So we feel pretty awful about Linda. We will have to see how it plays out. She is like a part of our family; Willow just loves her. I could go on and on about this, but I guess I will stop now.

Here are some photos I took at McLain's Park last weekend with Ruth and Margot. I put them on Facebook too (which I never do), but wanted to put them on here as well for the grandmas and other relatives who are not on facebook. I love these photos. It was such a nice day!

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