Wednesday, November 5, 2008

11 weeks, 4 days

So, this is the ultrasound photo. It turned out pretty blurry when I scanned it, but you get the idea. This was at 8 already almost a month ago. I guess the baby probably looks pretty different by now - hopefully it has legs! When I look at this compared to other peoples' ultrasound photos from this early, I think my photo turned out pretty great - you can actually tell what it is. Must be the awesome sonographers we employ at Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital!

Yesterday was a big day. I had my 3rd doctors appointment. I asked about the (lack of) weight gain. She was very unconcerned, and said I'll gain it eventually. Dr. Hafeman is very chill, and nonchalant about everything, which is a good thing. She's had 5 babies of her own so she really knows her stuff, but I guess she's probably used to nervous first-timers being overly concerned about every little thing. Also: I got to hear the heart beat! It was pretty amazing. I have to admit that since I started telling people I'm pregnant, I've been feeling pretty nervous and paranoid, wondering if the thing was even still alive in there. Then it took my doctor forever to find it and I was getting pretty stressed. But then it came through the speaker, loud and clear! I actually almost started crying (okay, I did). It was the first time I've ever cried because I was so happy about something. Then I did it again later, when I listened to Obama's acceptance speech. I blame it on the hormones. What an emotional day though. I feel a lot better about bringing a child into a world where our country can elect Obama. Maybe he'll be able to help make the world a little more peaceful, and a little more green. YES WE CAN!


katy said...

hoooooray and congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys!

I cried when I heard the heartbeat as well...and at the first and second and third ultrasounds...and at the Kodak commercials...etc etc. :)

Hoooooray for a baby yooper!

Sharon Elise Larson said...

Yeah, this will be a great way to communicate everything w/everyone. Of course, I'm still going to call you all the time anyways. Also, because we live in the dark ages & don't have internet at home so I can't check the blog out that often.

I cried during Obama's acceptance speech too! I was at a bar too. And, from McCain's speech, I ALMOST forgave him for choosing an ass-wipe vp like Palin. Almost.

Back to babies. Drink up your pregnancy tea! And I just read that pregnant chicks shouldn't eat a lot of peanuts. Huh.

jill said...

Okay, I cied too. First, when Grandpa Jack told me that you had heard the heart beat and again today when I saw the ultrasound picture. tears have nothing to do with hormones, just immeasurable upside down, inside out joy!

jill said...

P.s. That "tail" you see is the beginning of a leg! (don't worry, next time there'll be two).


great auntie jill