Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You know you have a newborn when...

...You're wiping off your kitchen counter when you notice a certain...crusty patch. You wonder what it is-did someone spill something? You smell it. It's puke! How did it get there? Well, no biggie, just wipe it off and carry on.

Willow is up to 8 and a half pounds now, as of Monday. Her blood pressure has been a little elevated the last few doctor appointments. Not high enough for her to be put on meds, or for her to be in danger, but just a little higher than normal. So, she's going to go see a pediatric nephrologist (that's a kidney specialist) on July 15. Just to make sure her doctor isn't "missing anything". It likely has something to do with her chronic lung disease. She actually had an appointment at this doctor (who's at Marshfield) before, the first time she was going to be discharged from the NICU. Then they cancelled it because they decided she didn't need it after all. Now I guess she does. So. I'm glad for the appointment; it'll be good to get a specialist's opinion and make sure nothing major is wrong.

Josh's aunt Jill (the maker of the hats) has agreed to come up in mid-July and babysit Willow for the first month that I go back to work. Hooray! We're glad we're able to get her loving and competent (she's a former nurse) help! In the meantime, the search goes on for a full-time babysitter for after Jill leaves. We have some promising leads.

Willow has been practicing her rolling-over skills every day. She's also been smiling a lot more, usually in response to someone talking to her.

She's been getting a little better at the breastfeeding too-she still gets frustrated sometimes but she's had a few good full feeds at the breast. We'll keep working at it!


Lois Bell said...

Hi Linds, Josh and Willow. Great pictures on the blog. The smiling one is so cute. I am glad we got to see you all . It was an easy trip and Trace and I had a great time. Love to all. G'ma L.

Abby said...

She is so beautiful! I hope the transition to being home is going smoothly and that she is giving you some sleep.