Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lots of visitors

Hi everyone,
Lots has happened since the last post. We never have time to blog anymore! Funny how that works...

Willow went to the doctor on Tuesday, and she's up to 8 pounds 4 ounces! Yes, she gained 10 ounces since her last appointment 8 days prior. We were very relieved, but not surprised, I guess. We had been on a pretty aggressive feeding schedule since the appointment before that when she had only gained 2 ounces. We've been pretty religious about the every 2.5 hours thing, and i guess it's working!

My grandma Lois and aunt Tracey came to town on Tuesday and they were happy to see Willow.

We got a 4-generation shot.

Then on Thursday night, Josh's parents and sister Janna came up. Janna had been to the NICU but never got to see Willow in person yet since only parents and grandparents are allowed. We were so glad she finally got to see her! And Jack hadn't seen her, either, since she was a few days old.

We've had a great time hanging out with them. So has Willow! It's been great to have helpers. I've hardly done a daytime feeding all weekend! We also celebrated Josh's 30th birthday on Friday (Thursday was his actual birthday).

Today, my friend Ruth threw a baby shower for me out at her parents' camp. As if Willow hasn't gotten enough presents already! :) It was a fun shower; I really appreciated it. I hadn't really had a shower yet (except for a small one given my the girls in my crafting group), so was glad I got to have one. I was supposed to have one in Minnesota the weekend after we got back from Florida back in February. Well, then I went into the hospital and Willow was born, so that never happened. Thanks to everyone for all the thoughtful gifts!

The parting shot, because I think it's so cute, is our friend Seth holding Willow. Awww....


Chad Fluegge said...

She is getting so big!!!!!
Samantha went to the doctor on Tuesday and she is now 11 pounds 4 oz!!!
she is 23 inches long too she was grown 7inches since she was born!!
keep up the good work!!!
your friend Jess'

Cameron said...


May Willow be showered with gifts for her whole life!

It was really nice to meet everyone at the shower. A good time was had by all, although I still believe that Josh likes ladders & the guys were a little soggy on the greens.

Cam & Liz

Candis Berge said...

So THAT's where Tracey is!

Willow is growing and it's been fun to "lurk" on your blog and keep tabs on how she's doing.

How wonderful to see Tracey holding Willow! Love it.

Amy Widener said...

I can imagine you're busy now but I still love the updates! Keep on bloggin! Happy Birthday Josh! It's finally summer in Jackson (after months of rain!!) so there are lots of smiles around lately. Know you guys are probably all grins these days too!
Miss ya!

Chris and Alyssa said...