Sunday, September 20, 2009

7 Months Old

Willow turned 7 months old yesterday. On Tuesday she'll be 4 months adjusted age.

The good news of the week is her awesome weight gain! On Wednesday she went to the doctors, and she is now up to 11 pounds, 6 ounces. That was a 10-ounce weight gain in 2 weeks. We've lightened up yet another notch on the feeding schedule, but we decided we don't feel right about letting her sleep all night. We figured, why mess with our system if it caused her to gain so well the past couple weeks? We still feed her about every 4 hours at night, but like I said, we're a little less strict about it. We try to get the feedings to line up with my pumping so I don't have to get up as many times. During the day, generally it's still the same as well. We just stress less if she isn't hungry at the allotted time, and hopefully she'll make up for it later!

It was a pretty uneventful week otherwise. Busy, busy. Our summer weather continues - it's been the most beautiful September. I guess it made up for our crappy July. Here's the week in photos:

Checking out a sunflower in our garden:

Bath time. I know, I know - the PBR shirt again. I got a lot of crap for it the last time. I guess I don't change clothes very often.

Enjoying the bumbo,apparently:

Josh modeling the new moby wrap:

Cam and Liz came over earlier in the week so Josh and Cam could brew beer. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the weather and some homebrews from earlier. Congratulations to Cam and Liz, by the way, on their engagement! Here's both of them with Willow:

I added a couple new blogs to my blog list on the side. I've been following the story of another micropreemie whose parents live in Houghton as well. Charlotte was 1 pound, 7 ounces at birth. She's still in the hospital (she's not very old gestationally yet) but is doing great and we're so happy! Check out her blog and please send some happy vibes, or prayers, or whatever you'd like, to her and her parents. The other blog is another 26-week girl from Minneapolis. Jaleah's older than Willow and is also doing well. Her mom ran across Willow's blog and contacted me and now I'm a follower of her blog. We've had a lot of the same challenges and have commiserated about breastfeeding and pumping!

One more thing: Josh says, GO VIKINGS!


jannahope said...

Such cute pictures - especially the Bumbo one! I may be slightly prejudice, but she's so darn cute!

We had Katie's baby shower today and according to all of the Old Wives' Tales, she's having a girl...a little playmate for Willow!

Enjoy the nice weather!

Auntie Janna

Rebecca said...

oh thank you for mentioning us!! that was nice of you.

I just love those sunflower pics with Willow - so adorable!

Glad you've been able to let up a bit on the strict feeding schedule. Before you know it, she'll be eating lots of baby food and you'll be able to let her sleep through the night!

Amy said...

Dude - there's nothing wrong with the PBR shirt. In fact, I think it's rather awesome. Willow looks great! I can't believe how time flies - hard to believe she's 7 months already! Take care,

Amy Widener said...

LOVE THE PICS! Willow is adorable. And her parents are looking well themselves! Parenthood is treating you right. Hope you can catch up in sleep in the next 18 years though!! :)
Can we expect a trip to Jackson anytime soon? I may just have to actually come to you, now that Sharon has left me too!! I'll keep you posted.

Patrick said...

Thank you for mentioning us, too! It's so fun to read about Willow gaining weight. It's hard to imagine what Charlotte will look like at 10 lbs - SO BIG!, but she'll get there.

I'm missing fall in the UP, but I hope it's beautiful!