Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bagels with Friends


We had our friends Andi and Jim over for a bagel brunch this morning. Josh makes a mean bagel. We also had zucchini bread, fruit/yogurt parfaits, juice and coffee. Yum! Andi and Jim have 15-month old twins, Cat and Lewis, who were 26-weekers as well. They're so cute! They look huge next to Willow. Here's a shot of the three kids together:

Willow busting a move:


Sharon said...

Hahaha-laughed and laughed at the dancing. Nice tunes, you guys. And great moves Willow. I'll teach you how to do the "lawn mower" next time I see you.
-Auntie Sharon

Lois Bell said...

Hi little Willow. We love the pictures on the blog. Hope to see you soon. Love, G'ma and G'pa B.

Katie Matzke said...

Love the pictures of Willow next the the sunflowers!! She would make a cute flower for Halloween!! Do you have a costume yet?