Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been so long since we've posted. We went to Josh's parents' house over Labor Day weekend, and I swear it's taken us this long to catch up on all the stuff around the house. I feel like I'm so far behind, both at home and at work, on everything. We're trying to get used to a shifting of priorities so we don't run ourselves ragged - like, it's OK if the bathtub isn't sparkling clean right now; it's more important to go for a walk tonight with Willow and Scout than it is to clean the bathroom. There are only so many hours in the day.

At my last post I mentioned that Willow had a doctor's appointment coming up. That appointment was on August 26. At that appointment, she had again only gained 3 ounces in two weeks. So we went back to 3 and a half hours as a maximum between feedings, 4 hours at night. Willow's been a really good eater the past couple weeks though. Feeding don't take as long. She definitely wants to go to demand feedings - sometimes she gets hungry long before the 3.5 hour mark, and sometimes she just refuses to eat when it's time. We're both very weary of the scheduled feedings and the alarm clock going off at 3 AM. Willow has another appointment this Wednesday; I hope she's gained some ounces! It sure seems like she has. She's outgrowing clothes. She's now too big for the gerber brand newborn onesies!

In the twin cities, we shopped as usual. We got Willow a high chair. It's pretty deluxe. I'm excited about it. It's all eco-friendly, with sustainably harvested wood, PBDE-free cushion, BPA and pthalate-free plastic tray. It's sweet. When she starts sitting in it, I'll have to take a photo for the blog. We also got a new baby carrier - the Moby wrap. I guess I've become a bit of a connoisseur of baby carriers. The reason we wanted to get it is because our sling is too small for Linda and Josh, and we also wanted a carrier where Willow could face forward, because she loves to stare at things when we walk, and when she's facing us, she has "swivel-neck" as my mom says, trying to see what's going on. The Moby wrap has about 6 different holds, and one is outward-facing. Plus, it is SO comfortable for the adult, and I think Willow too. I guess I don't have a photo of it in action yet...but here's me wearing Willow in the little carrier Michelle got me in Papua New Guinea:

Our trip was good otherwise. Willow was a little fussy though - I don't think she liked the deviation from her routine. Jenson's had hired a photographer to get a family photo, and Willow ruined the photo shoot by crying the whole time. We were bad about taking photos ourselves while we were there, so I don't really have any from the trip, unfortunately.

Our friend Robin got Willow got one of those bumbo chairs at a garage sale. She looks so funny in it. She's so small to be sitting!

She loves to "stand" on your lap too.

She's really getting into her toys. She can shake rattles and loves to put things in her mouth.

Well, gotta run. The blog is such a time-suck...there are diapers to be washed, groceries to put away and milk to be bagged up!


Chad Fluegge said...

She is getting sooooo big!!!!

Jody said...

Thanks for the update Linds, Willow is just so darn cute. I'm glad you got to make the trec to the Jenson's. I remember, when traveling,the main thing was to put gas on BEFORE we took off, so we didn't have to stop and wake the kids up, if they had by some miracle fallen asleep.

chris mcsherry said...

Wow, Willow looks wonderful. We have been following the blog from afar and laughing about similar problems that we face. We have breast milk spread all around St. Paul because our freezer is full. Feedings are still a painful exercise. Trying to keep things clean and our baby healthy is an everyday struggle. We wish you good health and to keep your spirits up. Maya McShery(25 weeker) and family

Katie Matzke said...

Ah, she is so cute. Love that smile. I had a friend that lent me her Moby Wrap when Ben was a nbaby--she just loved this thing. At that time I had never heard of it. then I saw a picture of Brad Pitt carrying around one of his kids in it in a magazine--crazy! She showed me how to wear it and everything, so I went home and tried putting Ben in it....and he fell out of the bottom of it somehow! Don't worry--he was fine. It cracks me up to think about it now. Ben never was much for the baby carriers, he much prefered to move about on his own...and he still does! I know what you mean about getting stuff done around the house now that you're a mom--it's so hard! although I'd have to say I do have more time now that Ben is 2 to clean then when he was an infant.Except now HE makes the house messy with all of his toys strewn everywhere, messy eating, sippy cups everywhere, etc. Oh well! Take care!

Chris and Alyssa said...

enjoy all the special moments.