Sunday, January 24, 2010

11 months / 8 months

I can't believe it's the weekend again already. This week flew by. Willow's had a pretty eventful week. She turned 11 months old on Tuesday, and 8 months corrected on Friday. She added "da" to her sounds and learned how to wave hello and good-bye. On Wednesday my mom stopped by after work and was completely surprised to see Willow, with Linda, waving to her as she came up the walk.

The spring-like weather has continued up here; in fact, as I write this, it is raining. In January. Yuck!! We've been able to bring Willow outside on more walks though.

This morning we had our neighbors Antti, Anna and Maisa over for a bagel brunch. Maisa is 15 months old. It's fun when Willow can be around other babies. I think the socialization is important enough where it sort of cancels out any worry of germs. I also brought her to a La Leche League meeting a couple weeks ago. The women there were excited to finally meet Willow - I've always been the one odd woman who doesn't bring her child to the meeting.

We use the teal-colored hospital-issue tubs for everything around here, including as a toy box. We sat Willow in one the other day and reminicsed about her first real bath in the NICU, which was in one of those tubs.


jannahope said...

Crazy to compare those two tub's hard to even imagine her that little anymore!

Miss you guys!

Auntie Janna

The Emery's said...

She is so cute! ha ha! Love the noises she makes when she puts the giraffe in her mouth! And the comparison of the pictures of her in the tub...what a big girl now! She is so precious!
The Emery's

JoDee said...

Looks like she's going to be a lefty... so cute. The comparison pictures in the tub are amazing, hard to believe now that she was that small!! Keep up the good work Willow!!