Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year! Happy New Decade too. We were just talking about how at the end of this decade Willow will be 10. Hard to imagine!

Josh and I made a new-decade resolution that I'm excited about. We got a cool book for Christmas that lists 26 different hikes in the Keweenaw. Most of them are shorter, nice hikes to do with Willow. We've resolved to do every hike in the book by 2019. We'll start in the spring.

Willow had a doctor's appointment this week and she is up to 14 pounds, 9 ounces. In between the 5th and 10th percentile for a 7-month old.

Two days after Willow said poo poo on Christmas, she said mama. Too bad she didn't say it two days earlier! Oh well. Here's mama:

That's Josh's sister Janna holding Willow. Janna, Josh's parents, and cousin Joe came into town yesterday. I'll post those pics on the next post.

Last weekend, we brought Willow out (cross country) skiing for the first time. She had a great time! Look at that smile in this picture.

She got an exersaucer for Christmas- the physical therapist said no more jumperoo. The exersaucer is OK as long as she is able to be flat-footed. Even on the lowest notch, she is not able to do that. In this photo we have a folded-up blankie under her feet which turned out to not be high enough. Now we use a big book.

My last picture is my new prized possession: my new shower curtain. I know what you're thinking. A shower curtain is not blog-worthy and it should not be anyone's prized possession. But take a closer look. Our shower isn't a regular shower. Regular shower curtains don't fit on it. When we moved into this house, it came with a custom-made shower curtain. I think the woman who lived here before was crafty. So anyway, we'd been using that shower curtain for years now. Shower curtains aren't meant to be used for years. It was so disgusting. My mom made me this one for Christmas. She's got mad skills. It required a sewing machine and a grommet-maker! Plus, it is made of a non-PVC material so no more toxic chemicals will be leaching into our air! So, thanks mom! I wanted to publicly recognize her because this project took her an entire day. :)


Katie said...

I love you guys. Thank you for your letter and the cutest piture of willow ever and the cashola. Happy 2010.

Lisa D. said...

Hey Linds, Josh, and Willow,
It has been ages since I have written you a note. I just got done listening to the latest videos...very cute, especially the poo-poo! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing Christmas with no driving...good year for that with all the weather this year. Anyway, great to hear you are finally able to get out and about with Willow and show her off a little. Hope to see you all sometime soon. Till then...keep the blog phots/videos coming!

Lisa and all

Lois Bell said...

Hey Linds and Josh. Just saying I need to see a couple more pictures of Willow. Hope you are all enjoying some good family time--winter is good for that. Love ya G'ma and G'pa B.