Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random photos


I haven't been very good at taking pictures lately - I have a bunch of random ones to share today, and also a couple videos.

First I wanted to post this picture from Willow's birthday in Puerto Rico. After my last post we got a lot more pictures from Janna, who has a really nice camera too. I already did the Puerto Rico post, but I did want to show you this one photo of the birthday girl with Grandpa and Auntie Jill, who were turning 60. Pretty cute.

I go to a monthly meeting called KNAP (that's Keweenaw Natural and Attachment Parenting). Willow always comes, and last month Josh came too. It's a great group of parents and kids, and the meetings are pot luck, so there is always tons of good food. We hold them in a church basement. Anyway, Here's a shot of Willow with her friend Penelope. We've known Penelope for a long time; she used to come to La Leche League, she goes to KNAP, and now she also just joined Willow's music class. I think her and Willow sort of look alike. They're the same size with the same hairdo, anyway, though Penelope is a few months younger.

A couple weekends ago we took Willow to a concert. It was during the day on Sunday, so we were excited to go see some live music that wasn't too late at night to bring Willow. It was a really good time, and there were some other kids there too. Here's Willow dancing with some other girls. She was the littlest, and the bigger girls were competing to be the one to "take care of" Willow. It was pretty funny.

Josh and I went out to Mont Riply for their "slush pit" end-of season day. They have a contest to see who can do the best splash into the slush pit. A lot of people skim across the water and make no splash at all, but Josh went all-out with a costume and everything. I'm not very good at taking video so you almost miss the crotch grab he performed during his spread eagle. I thought he should've won, but apparently some other guy did a backflip. Oh well. It was a great day of spring skiing, nice and warm and sunny with soft snow.

The rest of the photos are just basically our everyday life around the house. Winter is dragging on, and I have to say that I will be very happy when we can get out of the house a little more Here's Willow playing with some of her little figurines. Most of them were mine when I was a kid. (Notice those 80s staples of a care bear, a fraggle, and even Starlight, Rainbow Brite's horse). She loves playing with them.

Linda and Willow have made a couple different houses for all the figurines. Here's one of them. It has a cookie store and a music hall. Willow is lucky to have such a creative nanny!

Coloring at her little table. Look at that wild hair! It looks like that often. It seems like it is turning out pretty frizzy and wild, unlike most babies' fine hair.

Lounging with a good magazine:

Here's Willow with her two best friends, Elmo and "Da". I've mentioned before how much she loves Elmo, but in the past few weeks, Elmo and Da have become buddies. Da is called that because she's a cat, and since our cat's name is Daria, Willow calls all cats "Da". Anyway, as I said they're best buds, and sometimes they even kiss. ;)

Seth was over one Saturday to brew some beer with Josh:

Here's Willow smelling the beer. Don't worry, smelling is as close as she will get to it!

Willow is becoming quite the talker, and has several 2- and 3-word sentences. She is also learning to count and counts to three easily...Linda says she does to four though we've never heard it. Here's a little video of her counting.


Emily said...

Very cute. What is that glow worm thing called? I had a bunch og those!

Amy said...

Cute! I wish I still had my toys from the 80's... Emily, I think it was just called 'Glo Worm' - I had one too! A big one that I would hug at night while it was lit up. I also had a purple snail glow thing that was similar. Ahhh... memories. Linds, where did you get that wooden storage shelf thing with the tubs that fit in it? Looks great for toys.

jannahope said...

Impressive counting - good job Willow!

Lindsay said...

Am, good old Ikea. It IS very good for toys.