Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring!...and winter again


This may be another pretty boring post; not much has happened. We did finally get some spring weather a couple weeks ago. Finally all the snow was gone from the yard (and dog poop, thanks to Josh's efforts), and we were out enjoying every minute of it that we could! Willow is so much more independent than last spring, scampering around the yard. It's going to be such a fun summer!

Then this weekend, winter came back with a vengeance. Can you believe this picture was taken April 17? What a drag.

Last weekend Willow had Maisa over to play.

They had a good time. One highlight of the visit was when Maisa went pee in Willow's potty. Willow's been talking about it ever since. She calls Maisa "sa-sa", and every time Willow goes to sit on the potty (which she calls the "boopa"), she points at it and says "sa-sa", then we talk about how Maisa went on the potty and how Willow could maybe do it too. She still loves to sit on the potty and read her books. But she'd prefer not to actually pee in the potty - I guess she'd still rather go in her diaper. Oh well. At least she likes the potty. When she is ready to potty train, she is going to have the coolest undies ever, which I have to show off here because this is literally the craftiest thing I've done since before Willow was born. I couldn't find undies locally that I liked for her, so I ordered some white training pants online and then got some Elmo iron-ons and put them on the underwear. Check it out:

Speaking of big girl stuff, this is pretty exciting: as I type this, Willow is taking a nap for the very first time in her big-girl bed. Just this morning we finally brought it into our bedroom and removed the crib. Of course we haven't used the crib for anything other than a blanket storage unit for several months, but it was still there and taking up all the room where a big-girl bed could go. I'm not sure how this will go at night, but it's exciting that it's even there. I love sleeping with Willow, but I also would really like to have our bed back....yes, I have very mixed feelings about cosleeping. If we ever have another kid, I am not sure if we will do it or not.

(don't mind our bare bed - the sheets are being washed right now)

One little funny thing I want to get down for the record before it ends: Willow loves her little cookie monster and big bird figurines. She calls cookie monster "cookie", and she calls big bird "Habeeb". Yes, Habeeb. Sounds sort of arab or something. I don't know where that came from but it is pretty funny.

Here's a final photo for you. Willow with her artificial nails. Seth was her manicurist. Ha.


Emily said...

Cute undies! And I recognized the hat Willow is wearing :) Glad she likes it.

Andi said...

Love the undies!!!!