Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baby's first Harley ride

Hi everyone,

Don't worry. Willow didn't really ride a Harley. She sat on one though, and it made for a good photo op with her bomber hat. Doesn't she look tough in her wifebeater! She even has a sort of tough look on her face. Biker babe. hehe. This weekend, our friend Nick came up from the Twin Cities on his Harley. Friday night we went to a block party in our friends' neighborhood. It was pretty cold out, but Willow hung out in the sling the whole time and slept through most of it. Saturday, Josh and Nick rode their motorcycles up to Copper Harbor and met me and Willow out at my parents' camp for dinner. Then this morning, my mom came over and watched Willow for a couple hours while Josh and I and Nick went biking (mountain biking, that is). It was me and Josh's first ride of the year - crazy. It felt SO good to get out biking. I'm already looking forward to that first turn of the ski season too. I didn't snowboard once last year, what with being pregnant and then the C-section and the baby in the NICU and all that stuff. :-/ We did end up going out to dinner for our anniversary too - courtesy of my mom again. Thanks mom!

We also had to take a pic of Willow with Daddy on his bike. Too bad the background is our garbage cans and garage junk. Oh well.

Life's starting to get a little bit back to normal!

Willow is finally long enough that we had to turn her the long way in her cosleeper. She was laying the short way until now. We also got rid of the "nest" we had around her like they had in the NICU. She's still on the monitor (that's what those wires are) so she really couldn't suffocate or anything like that, but it's good practice anyway.

Willow turned 3 months adjusted age yesterday. I think this is going to be a fun month!

Congratulations to my two friends Emily and Mimi, who both just had baby girls. Welcome to the world, Sierra and Zara!

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Katie Matzke said...

Happy Anniversary, Josh and Linds! Willow looked pretty tough sitting on the motorcycle! Loved the video of Willow getting her first dip in the lake! I think she liked it! Her cooing is sooooooo cute!! Take care!