Sunday, August 30, 2009

New freezer!

Hi everyone,

It was another good week for Willow. She seems to be getting a little better at eating. The puking is much less frequent these days. I still try to breastfeed her occasionally, but it's not an everyday, stress-causing campaign anymore. We just try now and then for the heck of it, I guess. Willow is a bottle-fed baby, and I'm OK with that. The exciting news in MY life this week is our new chest freezer! My parents bought it for us. Thanks mom and dad! I think they're anxious for me to stop pumping so I gain some weight again. I am too, and this freezer is hopefully the beginning of the end. It's been a frustrating experience dumping all my milk for the past 3 months for lack of a place to put it. We had our one full chest freezer, and still quite a bit of milk in our other freezer and at my parents' house. But now that I have another one, I'm going to fill it up (which shouldn't take long), and then "wean" my pump. I may not stop completely, but I want to reduce it enough so I don't have to pump at night anymore, and maybe just have to do it once at work instead of twice. And of course I'd love to be able to eat normally again instead of trying to get in enough calories to feed a football team! Once I have the new freezer full, I think I'll be pretty confident that I've got enough milk stored up so Willow can have it until she's a year adjusted, which is my goal. So now I'm saving most of what I pump again, and Willow's eating milk from May.

My aunt Lisa and uncle Scott came to visit this week. It was great to see them and have them meet Willow. They've been avid blog-followers from the start and were excited to finally meet Willow in person.

We've been getting a little more sleep at night, which has felt so good. We only wake Willow up once now. I'm a little nervous for her weight check on Wednesday. If she's gaining good, we might try to let her sleep until she wakes up on her own (which she's still never done).

Linda the nanny is really working out well. We love that in addition to being a great nanny to Willow, she pays attention to Scouty too. We can't forget our "other kid"!

Willow still loves the sling. It's the one thing that can calm her if she's overtired and cranky.

Chewing on Daddy's shoulder:


Robin and Bill said...

What a CUTIE!!!

Amy said...

Ok - that princess photo is PRICELESS. I love her expression, as well as the PBR t-shirt on her holder. She is so cute, Linds & Josh! She looks so much bigger since we were last up. Can't wait to see and hold her again!

Love ya,
A & M

Sharon said...

AWWWWW!!! Great, great photos...

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

hey! it is nerve wracking - we've been doing no monitor at all during the day and i already check on her a million times during naps, so i'm sure i'll be a nervous wreck the first night she doesn't have it on, but she can't wear it forever! how long will you have that apnea monitor? jaleah came home with one too, but she only had it for 4 weeks.

i got that former 26 weeker shirt made at city shirts at mall of america. i actually got the idea from some shirts on, but when i got them in the mail, they looked horrible - off centered, crappy quality. so I just bought some plain onesies and had city shirts make it. I have extra shirts - I will make Willow one the next time we're there and send it to you!

congrats on getting a new freezer! i hate that i hardly make any milk - i would equally hate having to throw it all away for months!!! :)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how big Willow is getting. That grin is too cute. She is looking like you Linds, in your baby pictures. How exciting that you'll be weaning off the pumping. Great job with the blog and pictures.
Love, Emily

Cameron said...


Frozen Milk! If only you could wait a few more weeks, you could just store some milk in a snowbank in your yard. They might be hard to find (unless you have colored lids), but it could turn into a game.

Can you believe that last Labor Day weekend we were in Misery Bay?
Enjoy your weekend in the big city.

-Cam & Liz

Lois Bell said...

Hi Linds, Josh, and Willow. I have been too busy to write comments lately, but I never miss the blog and love all the pics of our darling little great grandaughter. Love to all. G'ma L and G'pa Z

Katie Matzke said...

Her smile is priceless! Glad you got a chest freezer. Wow, I can't believe you have that much milk in storage! You are a machine, Linds!!!! Love,