Saturday, August 8, 2009


I couldn't immediately think of a title for this blog and didn't feel like thinking anymore.

We've had a pretty good week. The one negative thing is that Willow had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and she only gained 3 ounces in the last 2 weeks. Before the appointment, we were sure she'd gained a lot of weight - it just seemed like she was bigger! We were hoping this would be the appointment the doctor would say we could go to "demand feedings" (meaning, we can just feed her when she's hungry as opposed to a strict schedule). We were also hoping she could stop eating the Neosure preemie formula and the fortified breastmilk and just go to straight breastmilk. Well, that didn't happen. Intstead, we're back on every-3-hour feedings from where we were, at every 3.5 hours. Oh well. It's really not that much of a difference. We are still doing every 3.5 hours at night, at least. It's very ironic -everyone wishes for a baby who will sleep through the night. We have one, and we can't let her! We have to set alarms and wake her up to eat. She's actually never once woken us up by crying, and a couple times when we've been bad parents and slept through a feed by accident and woken up 6 hours after the last feed, she's still fast asleep!

Anyway, we're not worried; not even a little bit. Willow is healthy and looks just fine. Also, her blood pressure was nice and low this week. She's very smiley these days and is really getting into her toys and sucking on her fist. We'll just stick with this more-aggressive feeding schedule and hope her weight next week is greater. She's going on Wednesday for just a weight check.

Other than that small disappointment, we've had a good week. We got some decent sleep and...we hired a nanny! Her name is Linda. I'll tell you more about her if she says it's OK. She's coming tomorrow for a little orientation, and her first day will be Friday. Jill is leaving Friday morning. I'm pretty excited/nervous, but I know it will be fine. It's really a load off our minds to have that process done with.


Sharon said...

Nice stripes Willow! And great photos. Gotta the first pic does she look a bit like Uncle Ryan?

Congrats on hiring a nanny! Good news all around.

How's sulkymissscoutypants doing?

Eat Willow Eat! :-)

Love, Auntie Sharon

Katie Matzke said...

Hi, Linds, Josh, and Willow! Ben has been looking at the pix of Willow. He was quite interested in the "bee bee" as he calls her. She is awfully cute! She reminds me of pictures of you, Linds, when you were little! You will get your routine down with the whole working thing. And, down the road, it will get easier once you are no longer pumping/pumping as much. All of the sudden you will have all that extra time in your day! It took our cat Ollie a long time to come around after we brought Ben home. He eventually adjusted to his new life, but he still does not really care for Ben. :( I am bummed you had to go back to 3.5 hours again, but hopefully that won't be for long!!! Hang in there, and you have really given the nursing thing the old college try times 20! You've really done well!! Take care!!!
Lots of love,

Ingrid said...

Linds, What pattern is the bouncy seat/playmat? It's really nice and not like most baby stuff.

Lois Bell said...

Hi Jensons. We are in from the lake for a little while and, of course, I had to run to the blog to get the latest pictures and news of our little Willow. She looks super healthy to me and also I think she does resemble Ry in lots of the shots. I hope she can soon go on demand feedings and you all can get some rest. Love to all. G'ma