Sunday, August 2, 2009


Hello, It's been an eventful week for our little Willow - in a good way! On Wednesday she discovered her hands. We noticed her holding her fist out in front of her face and giving it a good stare-down. She kept doing that over the next few days. We managed to catch it with the camera once:

She's also started to bat at her toys...and you can tell it's not just an accident. We didn't get a very good example of this on film, but here's a video where she sort of does it. Josh says he sounds like a dork in the video. I said he just sounds like a dad. :)

On Friday night Ruth and Chad came over, and also our friends Damon and Trudy from Jackson Hole, who happened to have a wedding in Houghton - how random! Too bad I was so overtired I had to throw in the towel mid-party. From now on I have to remember that socializing should be done on Saturday night, after I've had a chance to catch up on sleep a little after the work week. Anyway, that night we were all hanging in the kitchen when Willow started sucking on her thumb! We were all like, "oh my God! She's sucking her thumb!" and everyone ran for their cameras. Ruth was the only one who captured it though before the thumb came out. So I don't have a picture of that yet, but she's been trying to do it ever since. She's not so good at getting the thumb to stay in her mouth, but she tries really hard. I'll be happy if she gets the hang of it, I guess. Maybe she won't need that paci anymore, then.

Oh, and the biggest milestone of the week: Willow's started walking! Check it out:

OK, not really. But we put shoes on her for the first time and it does sort of look like she's walking, doesn't it? Obviously she doesn't need the shoes yet but we just did it for kicks. They do fit her...why do they even make shoes that small?

The babysitter search continues. We interviewed 4 people last weekend and 1 yesterday. We've got one more interview today and then hopefully we'll pick a good one. Stay tuned... auntie Jill's got 2 weeks left.

This was our first week with no doctor's appointments of any kind. There's not much else to report! Here are a few more photos:

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Cameron said...


These boots were made for walking...and that's what you've got to do. Keep on eating Willow!

Cam & Liz (see U guys soon)