Thursday, February 26, 2009

1 Week Old Today!!

Hello everyone. This is Josh writing the blog today, so there will probably be some spelling errors as that isn't my strong suit. Lindsay went back up to Houghton today. Her dad came down and picked her up this morning, and she is coming back down on Saturday morning. She had a couple of things that needed to get done for work. It was very hard for her to leave Willow, but I guess she knows that she is in good hands.
Speaking of being in good hands, I got to hold little Willow for the first time last night. I can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it was. She was just sleeping so soundly right there on my chest, and every once in a while she would let out a little squeek of approval. All of her "numbers" improved the minute she hit my chest, which just goes to prove how important Kangaroo Care is to these little ones.
Yesterday not a whole lot happened in the world of Willow. They did increase her feedings to every 6 hours. This is a very good sign as it shows she is excepting her food and this can sometimes be the hardest thing for a premie.
This morning when I went to see Willow all was still good. She has reached the milestone of 2 lbs!!! So we are now gaining weight and hopefully that continues. Also this morning they increased her feeding frequency again and she is going to be feed every 4 hours. They are still only giving her 2 ml at a time, which is about 1/2 tsp., but the fact that it is more often is another good sign. Almost all of her nutrients are still coming from her "baby gatorade", which is a combination of vitamins, minerals and fluids. That goes through her IV pic line and directly into her system. Willow's doctor continues to say how well she is doing, while also telling us of possible complications. I try not to listen to the negitives and just concentrate all my thoughts and energy on the positives, and I ask you all to do the same. Willow is a fighter and we know she is going to pull through all this just fine. Tonight I get to Kangaroo her again, as mom is out of town, and I can't wait. Thanks for all the comments, they are very fun to read. Also thanks for your thoughts and prayers, they surely have made a difference.

Until tomarrow,


P.S. I tried three times (taking 45 minutes) to upload some pictures to no avail. I know that is the best part of blogs, so I'll contact my webmaster, Lindsay, and try to get some on later tonight.


jannahope said...

Up to two pounds already...she's packing on the weight, good to hear! Keep it up Willow!

Sent that package yesterday, hopefully you will get it tomorrow or Saturday.

Enjoy your little "joey" tonight - isn't that what baby kangaroo's are called?


Amy said...

Josh, I love your blog-writing! Nice work, Dad. That is so wonderful that Willow is continuing to do so well. I love that you are focusing on the positives; Willow is so lucky to have two strong and optimistic parents. That is so crazy she only eats 1/2 tsp at a time - that is one tiny sip of gatorade. I hope the huge snowstorm we had today did not hit you guys to hinder Lindsay's trip up north. Holy snow! Have fun snuggling with your daughter tonight - we'll be thinking of you guys as always.

Amy & Mark

Sharon Elise said...

Hey there-I second Amy-great blog-writing to both of you! And the videos of the kangaroo care & Linds changing her diapers. Can't say enough how much that helps those of us who are away to know what you guys are doing. Willow looks great! So glad to hear the doctors continue to be positive. And that Grandpa Chuck was a match! Good thoughts are coming her way, from myself & all the Larson's. Thinkin' of you three...-Sharon

Christine Hodges said...

Congratulations Lindsay and Josh from the Hodges family and keep on growing, Baby Willow! Your blog is so compelling to follow and we pray for you all every day. I am amazed by the tiny diapering and Kangarooing; it's such an education for all of us. We'll be watching little Willow's progress and thanks for sharing your first days with us.
Your OLD teacher, Chris H.

Amy Widener said...

Linds, Josh, and Willow,
Just wanted to tell you all that I am thinking of you! I too will spread the happy thoughts/good juju for Willow. The videos, pics and blog are such a great way to share your new bundle of joy!
Take care and keep eating Willow!!!
Love from the 'hole,

nefrantt said...

Lindsay and Josh,
It is so great to hear how well Willow is doing. Everyone here at AKH is thinking of you guys and we look forward to the day you can bring her home.

Nicki F. and the Lab

triciamathesrich said...

We're so glad Willow is doing well! Glad she reached the 2 lb. mark and that she improves every day. We have reading your wonderful blog every day. It's very well written and informative. Let us know if we can do anything for you. She's beautiful and will stay in our hearts and thoughts every day. -Laurium Rehab and Fitness

Lois Bell said...

Josh. Good job of blogging there. The first thing I do every am is to look up the news on Willow. The 2 lb. landmark is great. Thoughts and prayers from here. I keep thinking that I can't wait to see her. Love, Lois and Zip