Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 Days old

Willow is 3 days old today; 27 weeks and 1 day is her gestational age. We sort of have to keep track of those two ages for awhile. My parents, Josh's dad and Janna have all left now and just Josh's mom is hanging out. I'm healing up well from the "huge insult to my body", as one of the doctors called it. I guess they would discharge a normal C-section today, but since my numbers are still stabilizing, they're keeping me in the hospital a little longer. I'm supposed to be discharged either tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday. I pretty much feel like my normal self again, other than the surgery area. I'm able to walk around now, though slowly and not too much. It's a relief to be able to do things for myself again and not be so dependent on everyone else.

But enough about me; I know you're all waiting for an update on Willow. We hung out with her for a good chunk of time this morning. She's still doing great! She's doing so well I hardly dare to be happy about it; they keep telling us there will be bad days, but so far she hasn't had any. When we were there they took off her little sunglasses so we could see her eyes - we didn't expect her to actually open her eyes but that's what she did, which was very exciting. They showed us how she likes to be comforted by having a hand placed over her upper body so her arms don't flail around, and we did that for awhile. She also grabbed on to our fingers with her little hand. We got some video so you can hear her and see how active she is. Go, Willow!


Seth said...

Congrats you two.
Judging from your film spectacular, Willow seems to be a bundle of kicks and squirms. Like a micro gymnast. Wait, aren't all gymnasts micro in a sense? Anywho. Perhaps this is a harbinger of things to come. Super active baby. No TV time for her. Too much to do outside. This is all very good news. Until she asks for the keys to the car.

The latest on Scout the Pout:
Scouty has moved on to the greener/whiter, more peninsula-like pastures of Hancock. She told us that it was fun but was looking for a change. I guess the black cat was cramping her style. That and her kitty food was too bland. Oh well.

Grandma J. said...


Keep up the good work and stay strong. I have looked at your videos several times already. Miss you.

Lindsay and Josh:

I was listening to Willow's videos and suddenly Scout heard Josh's voice and immediately came into the dining room. I guess I will have to listen when she is outside or I'm at work.

Linds: Whenever you need your forgotten belongings, just let me know. I can come at any time.

Love, Mom/Grandma J.

jannahope said...

I love the videos! It's not too often when you hear crying and it sounds like music to the ears...

Keep cookin' in there Willow, you're doing great!

Auntie Janna

ben/kim said...

congratualtions to you and your family-she is so beautiful!!! Just actually checked this blog that Matt forwarded on to us and was surprised to see that you had already had her. Glad to hear that everything is going well so far-sounds like it has been quite a crazy ride the last week. We can't wait to meet her and see you guys-if you need anything ewhen we get back please let me know! Take care and congrats again-she is truly precious!!

Sharon Elise said...

Love, love, LOVE the videos and pictures. I'm so glad you guys are doing that. I can't believe she's crying & moving like that! And opening her eyes! She's PERFECT. And I love her name. What a trooper of a Yooper she is! Go Willow! And glad you're feeling so well, Linds. Love, (another Auntie) Sharon

Brooke said...

I am so glad to hear that she is doing so well, and you too Linds. You have a strong little girl.
I loved the videos. She is moving around so much and her little cry is so sweet. Her name is very pretty too.
Take care!

Cameron said...


Cameron said...

Liz intended the above to be a balloon, by the way.