Wednesday, February 18, 2009

26 weeks, 4 days

I'm going back to titling the posts with the amount of weeks pregnant I am. I guess it matters more now than ever. It was encouraging today to know that at 26 weeks, 4 days, we can round it up to 27 weeks. :)
Not a lot has changed since the last post, which is a good thing! Some of "my numbers" got better and some got worse. We've gotten interpretations on my condition from 4 different doctors now, and each one seems to have a little different take on things. We're just trying to maintain the status quo. Mornings are the worst part. They cut me off of food and water at midnight;come and draw my blood at like 4 AM, and then I wake up at 6 - 7. But I can't eat or drink anything until the doctor who's working interprets all my numbers and decides I'm not going to be delivering in the near future. This morning the doctor was busy and I had to wait until like 10:00. It sucked. Some of you know how I am with my water bottle-I'm addicted to it.
Jack and Jean went back to Hastings and Josh and my parents are still here. They're good sports. I can't imagine how boring this must be for them.
They had a nurse from the NICU come talk to us. She talked a lot about what to expect if Baby J is born soon. Obviously the longer she stays in there, the better off she'll be, but it did help us prepare if she comes sooner than we'd like. The nurse showed us preemie diapers and a pacifier and a blood pressure cuff. They were all so tiny. When they did an ultrasound on me on Sunday, they thought our little girl was about 1 pound, 15 ounces. Maybe she's up to 2 pounds by now. We hope so.
Well, that's about all I've got for today. I hope all my posts are this boring because no news is good news!


Seth said...

The latest from Scout's Blog:
Hey owner people. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am reluctantly getting on South St. Things are doing better. I only pout when Seth leaves me here at Rancho Relaxo. But only when I watch him leave. That way he thinks I'm really bummed and disappointed in him. I do this while he goes through the process of putting his boots on. Just long enough so that he feels really guilty. But as soon as the door closes I turn my attention towards that goofy black cat. The rest of my day is spent chasing her around and eating her food. That and logging on to "borrowed" wi-fi so as to post comments on this here blog. I'm glad to hear that things are on the mend. Don't worry about me. Lots to keep me occupied. I've got a run scheduled at 5:00.
-Scout. Not the "Pout" as some would have you believe.

Cameron said...

I also spend all day looking out the window to see if my best friend Cameron happens to walk by - Scout

val said...

hey josh and linday,  sorry to hear about everything that is going on.  our daughter, jasmine, was born at 32 weeks after spending the 4 previous weeks in th hospital.  i know how much it sucks to lay in the hospital and be bored! and also how much the shot in the butt hurts!!  anyway, hang in there, you are in our prayers.  if there is anything we can do, let us know...the tverbergs

Cameron said...


Love Liz* & Cam

*(a Liz design)

Lisa Dee said...

Lindsay and Josh,

Just got back from the evening run of piano lessons toppied off with a "healthy" supper at McD's!

Thinking of you all there and hoping your "numbers" stabalize and trend in the right direction. We will check in with you in the a.m.

Lisa and Fam!

Brooke said...

I'm glad to hear the numbers are steady and pray that they continue that way. I wanted to see if you care if I add your link to my blog. I know my family and friends from home would like to keep up with your blog. Let me know if you don't want it up there.
I look forward to more, as you put it "boring" posts.

Tim said...

Hi Lindsay, this is Tim Givens. Just wanted you to know my wife and I are thinking of you.

Our twin girls were born at MGH and spent time in the NICU. The NICU made me nervous at first, but all of the staff is very good.

Katie said...

Josh, Lindsay, and Baby Girl-
We tried to leave a blog comment two days ago and it didn't work...hope it does today! We have been following your blog and getting updates from Grandma Eva. We are so sorry to hear of the struggles that you have been through over the past few days. It sounds like you are keeping high spirits through all of the challenges. We are holding all of you close in thought and lifting you up in prayer. Although we are not close in distance, please let us know if there is anything that we can do! We feel helpless being so far away. We wish you all the best today and in the days to come.
Mike and Katie Jones

Amy said...

Hi Josh and Linds,

Here's a dog joke to cheer you up:

Q: What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a rose?
A: A collie-flower!

Made you smile, didn't it... we are thinking of you constantly here and are rooting for Baby J to relax in the womb and develop. Stay strong, Baby J! Driggs says 'hello Jensons - I'm still true to you, Scouty my love, even though we have a long-distance relationship. My canine love for you is forever'-and sends his love via the interweb with us.
Stay strong, guys - can't imagine what this feels like for you. We are just hoping and praying with everything we have for a good outcome. Love, Mark & Amy

Lois Bell said...

Linds and all. We're hoping and praying for you all today. Hope Linds can get out of ICU so she can at least get a glimpse of the world outside. Hang in there everyone. Welcome little great grandaughter. Love to all. Gma and Gpa.