Tuesday, February 24, 2009

5 Days Old

Hi everyone,

I've gotten a lot of crap for not updating the blog-apparently people worry when I don't! I'll try to be better. It's amazing how busy the days can get when we technically have nothing to do. Between all the pumping (they've got me doing that every 3 hours-even at night) and visiting Willow, less time is left than you'd think.

I was discharged yesterday, and Josh and I are staying in a "hospitality room" here in the hospital. It's very convenient, but it's also $30 a night. I think on Thursday, we're going to move over to this place called the Beacon House. It's donation-based and just 2 blocks from the hospital. That's where we'll hopefully end up staying for a long time. I'm going home on Thursday and Friday to get some things done at work and home, and heading back down Friday night or Saturday morning. Then I'll stay here all next week and Josh is heading home to work. Hopefully eventually we'll settle into a routine. I'm working with IT at work to make it so I can access my work computer from here, so hopefully I'll be able to get some work done so I have some leave left when Willow comes home.

Willow is still doing great. She had a blood transfusion today, and they used Grandpa Chuck's blood-they have the same blood type. Thanks Grandpa! She didn't need the transfusion because something is wrong; it's just that they've taken so much of her blood for various tests and things, and her little body can't make it quick enough to keep up. They also took out the arterial line in her belly button. It had shifted inside her and wasn't in the right place anymore. They had to put a line into her foot to replace it. They call it a "pic" (sp?) line. It looks so uncomfortable but they say it doesn't bother her that much. As far as good news, she had another brain ultrasound and it came back normal. They're checking for bleeding in the brain, which is very common with tiny preemies. Also, the "hole in her heart" that she was born with, called a PDA, has closed up.

The best news, though, is that last night, I got to hold Willow! They do this thing they call "Kangaroo Care". They brought a recliner right up next to Willow's incubator and I layed in it. I wore a shirt that opened in the front because Kangaroo Care is about skin-to-skin contact. They took Willow out and laid her on my chest. She was still attached to her breathing tube and all her wires. Then they put some surgical gloves filled with warm water next to her and covered her with a couple blankets to help her keep warm. It was so amazing-Willow loved it so much! As soon as she was on me, she settled right down and fell fast asleep. We laid there for over an hour-I actually fell asleep for part of it myself-and when it was done and they took her off of me, she was just a total wet noodle, completely limp. That's a good thing, because it seems like so much of the time she seems so agitated and her limbs are flailing around and she seems so tense. Apparently there have been studies about Kangaroo Care that show that preemies who do it get better quicker if they're not doing well, and they go home from the NICU sooner. So I guess we'll do it a lot. Next time it's Josh's turn.

Here are a couple little videos: one of my attempts to change her diaper, and one of when they put her on me for the Kangaroo Care.


Tim said...

I was about to write to you about Kangaroo Care. We didn't do it as much as we would have liked so make sure to ask to do it.

Sheryl and I have some clothes for Willow. I am not sure how many outfits we have but you can have whatever there is.

I think I told you before the girls spent time in the NICU so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

My email is GivensTim@hotmail.com.

Lois Bell said...

Linds, Josh, and Willow. I watched the "kangaroo" session and it was fun to see. You kids are getting so expert in the NICU. We are monitoring all the progress she is making and sending lots of love to all. G,ma and G'pa (great), that is.

Robin and Bill said...

So glad you finally got to hold Willow!! Isn't that an amazing feeling??
Love, Robin

Lisa Dee said...

Linds, Josh, and Willow!

Thanks for the update and the videos. It is so great to log on and get a little glimpse of Willow's awesome progress. I recall how amazing it is to actually hold them for the first time...makes it all real doesn't it? Keep up the good work!

Love from the Dees

Chris and Alyssa said...

We are thinking about you guys and praying for you all, especially little Willow. If there is anything that we can do for you, let us know-

Thank you for the updates on the blog. We will watch it and keep you in our prayers.

All the best,
Fuzz, Alyssa and Rozzi

Stacey said...

Hi - we have a mutual friend in Brooke Spindler, and I read your story on her blog. Your baby is so precious...I am praying for your family and Willow's continued growth every day. Thoughts and prayers from Appleton, WI.

Marissa said...

Willow is absolutely beautiful! She seemed so content laying on mommy! I'm glad you guys got to do that and can continue that :) You visited my blog a few weeks ago (through Brooke) and I had written back to you...I've been keeping updated on your health and Willow's. My husband and I have your family in our thoughts & prayers!

Candis Berge said...

Hi Lindsay, I am a good friend (and neighbor) of your Aunt Tracey and Uncle Dave. I'm so glad you have a blog; I heard about Willow Hope and now I can see her. She is precious and it is great to see that she is doing as well as she is! Thank you for the pictures and I hope to follow along with you all, if you don't mind... We are praying for you all. Candis Berge

Katie Matzke said...

Hey, Jenson family
I'm so in awe of how amazing Willow is. She's so adorable! I love hearing her little squeeks! Thanks for the pictures and video. They made me cry! What a wonderful moment to have on video. You guys are amazing parents already!
Lots of love and continued prayers,