Friday, February 27, 2009

8 Days Old, 28 Weeks Getational Age!

Hello to all. Josh here again for another day of blogging. I actually kind of enjoy it, so Lindsay may have to trade me off and on for the job. Well I got to Kangaroo Willow Hope again last night. Here's a pic (she's under all those blankets somewhere). It is an awsome experience. It really makes me feel like I'm her dad. It's a difficult feeling to bring forward, as everything right now is mostly in the hands of her Drs. and nurses. We laid there together for about 2 hours and she slept almost the entire time. When I talked about her "numbers" going up yesterday, the number I was talking about was her oxygen saturation level. I'm no Dr., but it essentially is how much oxygen is in her blood cells, and they regulate it by giving her supplimental oxygen. Willow was down as low as 21% supplimental o2 a couple days ago (which is the same as room air), but now she's up between 25-28%. Her doctor said this is normal because of her size and prematurity. Anyways while I was Kangarooing her, her o2 saturation level was nice and stable, except when she got a bout of the hiccups, and then it temporaraly dropped until they passed. Let me try to explain what it feels like to kangaroo a premie. It's kinda like putting a small animal (puppy, kitten, hamster, ect.) on your bare chest and every once in a while it squirms around a little bit. Not sure if that helps, but you get the picture. Fortunatly her grip isn't to strong yet and she isn't pulling on my chest hair (ouch!)

I just got done meeting with Willows doctor, I try to go to the NICU when Willow gets rounded on. Willow lost a very small amount of weight from yesterday, 10 grams, but they aren't worried about it. They are also increasing her feeding amounts to 3 ml every 4 hours, up from 2 ml. She was working harder to breath today, which they said accounts for her increase in the amount of o2 they are giving her. They think that if that keeps trending that way they may need to put her back on a breathing machine. However, they said that isn't a step back, it's just what she needs. Willows lungs are so tiny and premature that eventually they will tire out and need a break for a while. Otherwise her Dr. thinks she is doing "remarkably well" and we are hopefull that will continue.

Yesterday after Lindsay left I moved into the Beacon House, which is only 3 blocks from the hospital. It's a donation based longterm living facility that is for families of patients in the hospital. It's essentially a converted 3 story hotel, but they built a very nice kitchen and rec room in the basement. The staff there are all volunteers, and are so nice it makes you want to cry. It's amazing to me how all these things exist (NICU, hospitality rooms, Beacon House) but you never know it until you need it. I encourage everyone that is reading this blog to go volunteer, give blood, donate money/goods, or even just help an old lady accross the street, as it touches so many hearts every time you do. I myself was never one to do much volunteering, but it's such a great thing, and also Obama wants us to, and this President I'll listen to. Hope I'm not being to preachy or anything, it's just a situation like this makes you look at things differently.

Yesterday in the OB department there were twins born that were in two seperate uterus' in the mom. I was talking to the father and apparently it's a 1 in 40,000,000 chance of it hapening. The local news was in the OB Dept. when I showed up and the twins were just accross the isle from Willow in the NICU. They were born at 32 weeks and so far are doing fine. If you check out the Marquette news you may see something about it. Well I guess that about covers it for today. I hope I can get some pictures uploaded. Thanks again for the comments, I looooooove to read them.
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Amy said...

Love the animal references! So far Willow has been compared to a kangaroo, hamster, kitten & puppy -cracks me up :) I really enjoy reading these updates and am always happy to hear that your family of three is doing well!

I bet Willow loves laying on your hairy chest because it's like a warm little nest for her. See - she's like a bird, too...

Andrea said...

Hi Willow, Josh, and Lindsay! I heard about your blog through the grapevine in the Keweenaw and would like to offer an ear or some advice if you could use it. I'm sure you've gotten lots of offers from many random people so far, so just ignore this if you'd like, but I have 8 month old twins who were born at 26 weeks last June in Marquette. We were just through everything that you're going through now, and I have to admit it's very emotional to read your blog. Hang in there! You guys are doing great! If you'd like to chat, please feel free to email: or call 296-0455 anytime. Enjoy the weekend!

-Andi Vendlinski

Missy said...

Great journal entry, Josh! By all accounts, you will be an honorary doctor by the time you bring Willow home. I remember going to one of our first pediatrician appointments and the nurse asked if I was a doctor based on all the lingo I used. It was laughable... but it made me feel like maybe I was somewhat competent to take over caring for the girls after their NICU stay.

I'm so excited to read about how well Willow continues to do each day. You Jensons have always been the strongest and most remarkable family I know, and Willow is obviously showing us her heritage!

Hugs to you all,
Missy (Klausen) Holm

Lisa Dee said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job Josh! Thanks for updating the blog...I love your entry! I bet you and Willow will be glad to see Linds; she must be so anxious to get back to the both of you. Lots of love and positive thoughts heading your way from all of us here.

We'll be in touch!

Cameron said...

-------******Daddy J******-----****

*NOTE: this is supposed to be a kangaroo (right now, represented by Josh). Can you find lil'Willow?

Great to hear all is well with Lindsay & Willow & Josh moving into different accommodations. We were looking for signs of light next door last night, but alas, we hear Lindsay is in Hancock. Hope work wasn't too rough on the new Mom.

We're headed to Marquette tomorrow, so hope we can all meet up, maybe do dinner? I should have my cell, so let's make contact. Also, we are headed to see some ice caves if either/both of you want a bit of a distraction.

see you soon! Liz & Cam

Chris and Alyssa said...

Hey Willow, Josh and Lindsay-
We check this blog regularly and are so happy for such great prognosis each day. Every small thing will eventually lead to something great! Keep the faith! Thanks for the plug on volunteering- that is such a great thing to have an option like the Beacon House and those many kind hearted folks who give their time for such a great cause. Thank you for sharing all the small moments with us all....
All the best, Chris, Alyssa and Rozzi

Katie said...

It has been so fun to keep up with all of you through your blog! It is very compelling and interesting to see what is going on in your new world each day! Go Willow! What a road all of you have been down the past week. We love you positive outlook...remember that hope floats! Here is a a great quote from that movie, "Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it's what's in the middle that counts. So, when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will." So, now that you find yourselves at the beginning of this new page of your lives, stay hopeful...great things are bound to happen! Keep smiling! =)Blessings, Mike and Katie