Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stupid cold sores!

Hi everyone,

Lindsay here. I'm back in Marquette and happy to be here. I really missed Willow when I was gone. I had a good couple days back home though. I went to a 4-hour training session for work on Thursday. It was really important for me to attend it, because the 3-year recertification cycle for my PHR certification is up soon, and I'm really close to getting enough credits to recertify. This training got me 4 credit hours; now I just need 1 more credit by August. Then I went in to work on Friday. That was sort of surreal. Some crazy stuff is going down at work right now too, but I have to make myself remember that none of it is my problem right now. I can't let it stress me out because I have to focus on myself and Willow getting better.
I caught a ride down this morning with a group of 10 friends (in two cars). They were coming down to Marquette to go on a hike to some ice cave. After they get back we're all going out to dinner. As soon as I got here and we had lunch, Josh and I went to see Willow. She's having another good day. They've upped her feedings again to once every three hours. The bad news of the day is that, because I have cold sores right now, I can't hold or touch Willow, even with gloves! So, there'll be no kangarooing for the next few days until they heal up. My mom is coming down tomorrow for a few days, so at least someone can touch Willow, but not me. Those who know me well know that cold sores have been the scourge of my life since I got my first one in high school. This is just one more reason why I hate them. Well, I'll just have to live with it, because obviously I don't want to jeopardize Willow's health in any way.
That's pretty much all the news for today. Adios!


Lisa Dee said...

Oh Linds, sorry about the cold sores, heaven knows I can relate. Hopefully they will heal quickly! Glad to hear you have some friends there to help break up the time. I still haven't gotten to the P.O. so your card will be a bit delayed. It WILL go Monday so watch for it later in the week (care of Willow in NICU). Have a good time with your friends tonight! Love to all....

jannahope said...

Glad to hear you made it back Lindsay. I'm sure Willow (and Josh) missed you. Have fun with your friends tonight, glad to hear you guys are going out with them. It's important to take care of yourself also.

jill said...

Since Josh said he looooooves to read the blog responses I decided I should start adding a few words once in a while. After all, I am feeling some respnsibility to be more than good or okay now that I am a great aunt.
Everyday Willow amazes me, I am awed by her steady and continued progress. When Josh and his sisters were babies their personalities were very distinct and quite similar to to when they grew older. Do you suppose that our tiny WHJ is already showing us who she is all about? Sweet, unbelievably adorable but unwavering in her strength and determination?
Lindsay, I am desperately sorry that your cold sores are disrupting your kangaroo time. But I'm glad your Mom is going to be with you and can get some Grandma cuddle time. I hope you will add a video of her holding the baby. I love and anticipate your blog updates and I play the videos over and over and over and over again.
I Love to you all very much!
Great Auntie Jill

Michelle said...

Hi Lindsay,
I went out to dinner with Em tonight & she told me about your blog. I pretty much just read the entire thing. It seems like Willow is doing remarkably well, that's so great! And your blog is awesome, kudos to you guys for keeping up with it!
By the way: you barely even looked pregnant, I can see why people gave you crap about your "belly" pictures. Also, those maternity pants don't stay up period, no matter how big your belly gets. And: oh no! I can't believe the benjigweeds are still haunting you, that really sucks that
you can't hold her.
As Brooke said, girls are fun! I'll be checking your blog & wishing the 3 of you the best.
Take care,
Michelle (Teps)

Cameron said...


SMILE soon Lindsay, you will be free of your cold sores before you know it. Now you'll have no excuses to not continue with your posts & keeping the rest of us updated with Willow news.

It was so awesome to be able to hang with you and Josh yesterday. We had such an exceptionally memorable trip to Marquette & were really lucky to be able to help celebrate the expansion of the Jenson clan. Although salmon burgers didn't muster up, the company, conversation, and birthday song sure did. Well, ok, maybe we were a bit off key & Willow couldn't exactly hear the song considering we were a few blocks away, but the sentiment was right on.

-Cam & Liz

Chris and Alyssa said...

Sorry to hear about the cold sores and the lack of "kangaroo care." :( You are very fortunate that your mom can be there to help out! I am sure she is very excited to hold her precious little grandbaby! We continue to pray for Willow's continued growth daily. Before you know it, she will be flying down the ski hill!
Best, Chris.Alyssa.Rozzi Braaten said...

Josh and Lindsay,

Charlie and I send our love and support from Montana! Willow is beautiful and absolutely amazing. We are happy to hear things are progressing, and we are thankful that Willow has such wonderfully loving parents to help her grow strong every day.

With love and light,
Charlie, Trace, (and Ike and Koa)

greatauntie said...

We are keeping up to date here in Fergus Falls and we are sorry to hear of this set back. She has been doing real well and will be soon back on her feedings. Everyone here is sending prayers your way. Love Tracey and Dave

thetimms said...

Hi Lindsay,

I found your blog through a friend of a friend or a friend. As a fellow sufferer (SP?) of cold sores I had to comment. I would highly recommend asking for a prescription for Zovirax or Acylovir. I take 1 pill a day to prevent my cold sores and I hardly ever get them. If I feel one coming on I take 2 pills and usually it keeps them away or if I do get one it is small and goes away quickly. I wish you and your family the best of luck with Willow and I am sure she grow up to a super girl!

Stewartville, MN