Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Hi everyone, it's Willow's birthday again - she gets lots of them. She's one month old adjusted today. That means her due date was 1 month ago. This age is the age we will go by as far as developmental milestones, etc. (Obviously she's a little behind your average 4-month old!). Preemies are supposed to "catch up" to their chronological age by the time they're 2 or 3 years old.

We had a good Father's Day and spent it out at my parents' camp. We also took Willow on her first outing this weekend. We brought her down to seafood fest at Houghton Beach on Saturday night, then we brought her when we went to watch the Bridgefest fireworks at a clearing near our house. She did well! Our friend Liz wore her in the carrier. Thanks, Liz!

Willow's Father's Day present to her Daddy was learning how to roll over. She did it 3 times Sunday. The third one I caught on video. She wasn't as agitated the first 2 times! I know 1 month is pretty early to roll over, but I don't think she's a prodigy. :) My theory is that NICU babies have an advantage as far as "tummy time" goes - they spend a lot of time on their tummies and regular babies don't. She was still several weeks from her due date when she extubated herself from her vent by thrashing her head back and forth in her isolette. I don't know if this is true, but it's just my theory.


Ryan Schaefer said...

Good Job Willow!

Cameron said...


Willow SPINS ME RIGHT ROUND BABY RIGHT ROUND. What to be a roller, although now we will all have to remember you can do this & not to leave you alone on the couch or something.

What a great present, and homemade.

-Cam & Liz

Chad Fluegge said...

that was so cute!!!!!!
I have not forgot about getting back to you we are just getting everything planed out.
when is josh's parents leaving?
we will wait to they leave so you can spend time with them.
You can email and let me know or call.
your friend, Jess'