Friday, June 5, 2009


Hi everyone,

Yes, we made it home. For real. I still can't really believe we have a baby. In our HOUSE! Whoa. The car ride home yesterday was uneventful, with Willow sleeping in her car seat the whole way. Before I talk about home, though, I wanted to share a few pics of Willow's last day in the NICU. Everyone was happy for us but sad to see her go. As nurse Allison said, "the NICU is losing its mascot!"

As happy as we were to leave, it was a little sad too. We will miss a lot of the nurses and other staff. Some of our favorite nurses weren't around the past few days so we didn't get to say good bye. Also, Dr. Frei, Willow's main doctor, was off, so we didn't get to say good bye to her either. We're so thankful to all of them for the great care Willow got at MGHS. We'll miss all of you! We'll be back to visit and we'll send pictures.

Here's Willow looking out the window at the world she's about to meet:

Bye bye, NICU!

Bye bye, lactation/pump room. It's been real!

We were glad we had nurse Kathy for Willow's discharge day. She's been one of our favorites.

Could we look any happier??

When we got home, there was a sign and some balloons for Willow. We still don't know who's behind this but we have some suspicions.

Emily stopped by and we sat on the patio and decompressed. :)

I couldn't wait to try out the sling.

Turns out, Willow absolutely loves it! Bonus: the physical therapist at the hospital said slings are extra-beneficial for preemies, who tend to have "high muscle tone". The sling causes them to curl up and bring their hands the "the midline", which is good for them.

Our first night was pretty good! We got a reasonable amount of sleep. She didn't cry. We took turns waking up to feed her. We set the alarm to make sure she got fed every 3 hours or so. I guess that might sound like the opposite of what a lot of parents do when their baby is new. Most people want their kid to learn to sleep through the night, I think. But it's so important for Willow to keep gaining weight, we are going to try to stick to the every-three-hours, 155-mLs-per-shift feeding schedule of the NICU, at least for awhile. So far she's done good with her feedings and has been eating the amounts she should.

Today has been remarkably chill. We woke up and sat Willow in her little bouncy chair while we ate some bagels, then Josh left to run a bunch of errands, and I've just been wearing Willow around in the sling while catching up on stuff around the house, taking occasional breaks to feed and change diapers. It's not nearly as stressful or chaotic as I expected. It's a little chilly outside, so we haven't been on a walk other than around the yard. Willow's not hooked up to her monitor while in the sling. She's close enough to me and I'm keeping an eye on her, so I think I'd notice if she stopped breathing or had a brady. We had the monitor on her last night though. It went off twice, but it was the alarm that means a lead is loose due to wiggling, not the alarm that means she's having an event.

Scouty's reaction to Willow was about what we expected. I tried to get her to come over and meet Willow and I thought she'd at least give her a sniff and then turn away, but she refused to even look at Willow or sniff her. She been doing a lot of sighing. Last night, every time Willow made any noises, Scout would let out a huge sigh. Daria seems to be scared of her.

Josh mentioned in yesterday's blog about keeping Willow isolated. That doesn't mean people can't come visit. Just call first, and don't come if you're sick, or have been around any sick people, or feel like you might be getting sick. Also, no little kids, please. They're too germy. :)

Well, I better get going. Lots of stuff to do!

This is awesome!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! So glad Willow is home.

jannahope said...

What a great post - I am so happy that you guys are home!!! Fun pictures, I especially liked seeing Willow in her cute sweater and matching hat :). I can't wait to get up and see her in person!

Auntie Janna

Burdick Boys said...

Lindsey, I am so happy you are home and everything is going well. Let me know how you want to get together so I can get you the cloths and pump.

Amy Widener said...

SOOOOOOO awesome! i'm so happy for you 3. what a good looking family you are!! now you're home and can really get to know your little girl. still thinking about you tons,

Ingrid said...

Welcome home Willow! Josh and Linds, it must be such an amazing, indescribable feeling to be home with your little girl. Enjoy every moment!

Chris and Alyssa said...


Stacey said...

Congratulations and best wishes!!!

Nate said...

Hi Guys!! Glad to hear your trip home was uneventful! Feels Great doesn't it? Ellen has been sleeping in our room, but she is the noisiest sleeper. I can't sleep cuz I"m constantly listening to her breathing. We'll get something figured out. Thanks for posting the pictures of the NICU and the Pump room...that made me laugh out loud. We've been thinking of you. We'll give you a call here soon to get the full scoop.

Love, Lauren

P.S. Ellen has hat envy of Willow's cute hat again!! (OK maybe it her mom that has hat envy!!) Absolutely Adorable...

ben/kim said...

Just got back into town from a food show and was so happy to hear the great news!!! We are so happy for all of you-probably is so wonderful to FINALLY be in your own surroundings as a family. Will give you a call this week to bring over Willow's gift-Myah is very anxious to see her new friend, but explained that she will have to wait a while to see her until Willow gets a little stronger. Congrats again-sounds like you got the whole mom/dad system down pretty good so far at home!
Love, Ben, Kim, Myah, & Carter

Katie said...

Sooooo exciting! We have been consumed with my brother's wedding over the past few days and were so excited to check the blog and find out that you are at HOME!!! Lindsay, thank you for the Bee's lotion for growing bellies...will come in very handy! Thanks for thinking of me! Loved the photos and are so excited for the three of you! Many blessings to your family as you adjust and enjoy!! Congrats!
-Katie and Mike