Monday, June 8, 2009

Willow Needs a Baby-Sitter

Hi everyone,

It's Willow's 4th full day at home. Things are still going well. The first day went so well, I think it made me overconfident when I wrote that last post. Willow does cry. We are sleep-deprived. Our house is a mess. But we love it!

We gave her a bath last night, which was fun:

Willow had her first doctor's checkup today. She's gained 3 ounces since being discharged! I was so relieved. The feeding thing has been a constant worry. She's been doing good though, and the weight gain proves it. She's now 7 pounds, 7 ounces. She also got some immunizations today. She gave three super-loud screams after she was stuck, and then passed out. It was the loudest I've ever heard her scream; but then, I was never around when they did painful things to her in the NICU.

Josh went back to work today, so I'm adjusting to my (short-lived) stint as a stay-at-home mom. I've got about 6 weeks of leave left. Then, we're having an assortment of aunties and grandmas helping out to care for Willow when I go back to work. But after that, she'll still have several months before she's really supposed to be in day care and around lots of other kids. Her immune system is just too fragile, and with her Chronic Lung Disease, even catching a cold could hospitalize her during her first year. So what we're looking for is one person who could come to our house and take care of Willow. Or maybe Willow could go to their house. Does anyone know someone? Of course, the person must have experience with infants, have references, and all that good stuff. Willow has high standards! We haven't worked out the details yet of exactly how many hours per week it'll be, or the pay, or exactly when it'd start. But I wanted to put the word out now, even though it's pretty early, because I bet a lot of readers will drop off now that Willow's blog is no longer an exciting micro-preemie blog but a boring old new-parents blog. So please put the word out if you know someone who might be interested and have them contact me at 906-281-6669 or


Jody said...

welcome home glad to hear everything is going well. I like the sling..I bet she feels very comforted while she is in it. It is so much fun to read your blogs and to feel your excitement at being home with Willow.

Amy said...

Ohh... I would love to be Willow's nanny! Sounds like a great job to me. Great pics & so happy Willow is doing great. She looks like she loves being home - I disagree that readers will drop off now that things are stable & going great. Willow is famous & people are curious! Later, Amy

Lois Bell said...

Yes, Willow IS famous and I look for a blog every day. The last pics are so cute. She looks so alert and happy to be home. We hope to see her soon. I feel like I know her already. Glad her doc app't went so well. You three make a great looking family!!Take care. We love you. G'ma and G'pa B.

Katie said...

Aww, little willow,
she's so darn cute. I'm glad you guys are all home and happy.

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