Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is here...finally

Hi everyone,

We've finally gotten some decent weather up here-I think it may have hit 80 today....or at least the high 70s. Willow and I have been on walks every day, though I haven't been outside as much as I'd like since it seems like my life revolves around feeding Willow and pumping, and I do both of those things indoors. I've been doing ridiculous amounts of laundry too, but I've been hanging it outside, so that helps. Overall, life is pretty good. It's strange; the NICU seems so long ago. It's almost like I can barely remember it. Maybe I'm blocking out the whole experience as a coping mechanism?

Willow had another doctor's appointment yesterday (She's going weekly for awhile). She's still doing good. Her doctor invested in an infant blood pressure cuff so we were able to get an accurate BP on Willow. It's good: nice and low. She's gained 2 ounces since last Monday. That's not quite as much as we'd like though, so her doctor suggested that we start feeding her every 2 and a half hours instead of every 3. So far it's been going fine - the schedule is working for Willow and she's still taking the same amounts each feeding as she did on the 3-hour schedule. The only bad thing is it means less sleep for us and a little less flexibility during the day. That's OK.

Willow got some new hats in the mail from great-auntie Jill. We decided to do a photo shoot in our yard. Yes, we dressed up our child for kicks like she's a doll. Hey, at least we don't do it to our dog, like some people!

For comparison's sake, I also took a photo of her wearing one of her old hats, that Jill sent to her when she was still in the isolette:

Here's a shot of her wearing her monitor belt.

I've always wanted to cloth diaper, and am trying to figure it out now. It's complicated! I ordered a trial package from www.jilliansdrawers.com. You pay a deposit, and they send you several types and brands of diapers to try. You have 21 days to test them out and then you can send them back and you get all but $10 of your money back. Then they hope you buy your diapers from them, I guess. It's been a learning experience. I've done a lot of research. The package they sent was the newborn package, but most of the diapers are still too big for Willow. Here's her modeling the BumGenius:

And, some babywearing pics. Willow loves being worn.


Cameron said...


This post was MUSIC to our ears! What wonderful photographs, although it is a shamed to see that Willow can't fit into the other hats. Props to Auntie Jill for all of her craftiness.

Hey maybe we could get together this weekend?

Cam & Liz

Katie Matzke said...

CUTE Anne Geddes styled pictures, you guys! You could make a mint making a calendar of Willow--especially since she already has a huge fan base! Also loved te piano shot. Just think--someday you will be playing duets with Willow! Also, loved the shot of Josh wearing the baby carrier. Very Brad Pitt-esque! ;) Linds, glad to know you still have a green thumb. Those plants look great on your windowsill! I think it's very noble of you do to the cloth diaper thing. I have no idea how that is possible, but I guess that's all people had for a long time and it worked just fine. Ben ate every 2- 2 1/2 hours for the first few months of his life. I guess he knew what he was doing because he grew really really fast --and really hasn't stopped I guess! I remember that it was hard always being tied to the couch. It gets better eventually, don't worry. Glad summer finally arrived in Houghton, too! Take care, and thanks for the updates!

jill said...

The puppy hat picture is going to be the one she loves to hate when she gets older. It really is laugh out loud adorable!
Wish I was coming to visit with Jack and Jean next week (Sigh!). Maybe we could Skype sometime in the next few days.


Brooke said...

Love the hat pictures outside, very cute. Glad things are going well!

Nate said...

LOVE THE HATS!! Auntie Jill has outdone herself! Willow looks great. I know what you mean about the NICU feeling like forever ago...wierd. Glad to hear Willow is doing well. Ellen is bulking up too. Enjoy that summer weather up there. Talk to you soon.