Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let's Try This Again...

Hi everyone,

Lindsay here. OK, I'm back down in Marquette. I got a call from the NICU today while I was at work and they said Willow's been doing so good that she's ready to go home. However, they did want us to room in for a couple more nights just to make sure she doesn't backtrack again. You'll notice I haven't utilized any exclamation points yet. I'm very leery and trying not to get too excited this time. It just seemed soon to me; I mean, she'd only just started doing good in the previous 24 hours or so, so it sort of seemed like they were jumping the gun. Of course, if they say she's ready, who am I to argue? It was just sort of a shock because I was thinking maybe this weekend or next week. So, I left work and headed here. I was very happy to see that we got "The Landmark" rooming-in room this time. They have two rooms in the NICU, The Landmark, named after a fancy hotel in Marquette, because it's so luxurious (read: bathroom, TV and a window!), and "The Fishbowl", named because it's tiny and has windows all around that lead to the hallway and the NICU. It has no bathroom or TV. That's the one we had last time.

When I got down here, Willow's nurse made me even more leery by saying "hm, it's strange, her heart rate has been so low today, and she's sort of pale". So...I don't know what to make of that. I guess all I can do is hope Willow behaves herself this time. One positive thing is that Willow is off of the meds she was on last time we roomed in. Before she was on Sodium Chloride and 2 different diuretics. Now she's just on vitamins. And she's been sucking like a champ with the regular yellow nipple. Go figure.

Keep your fingers crossed - only time will tell if this is the real deal!



Amy said...

Whoo Hoooo!!!! I'm utilizing exclamation points for you. Great news, Linds! So exciting. I hope all goes well in the next few days. Go Willow!

Cameron said...


YIPPI SKIPPI, Willow is breaking out of the fishbowl & demanding better accommodations...say Franklin Street.

-Cam & Liz