Tuesday, March 3, 2009

12 Days Old

Hi everyone,

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Not much has been going on. Willow is holding steady, for the most part, with some ups and some downs but nothing too big either way. She's back up to 2 pounds again today after losing weight the last couple days, so that's good. They've also upped her feedings again, to 6 mL every 3 hours. They seem to be increasing the amount pretty steadily. so that's good too! She has been having a little more trouble breathing the past couple days. They had to increase her CPAP amount because her lungs were looking a little deflated. They also had to increase the percent of oxygen she's breathing. But they don't seem too concerned about this. She also had another blood transfusion today. This isn't good or bad. As before, it's just because they have to take so much blood from her for tests, etc., so they have to put some back in. Overall, she seems to be doing good, and we're really glad to see her gaining weight again. I still can't touch or hold her; I'm hoping the cold sores will be gone by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. It's really been hard not to be able to touch her. We asked today if Grandma Judy could kangaroo her, but they said we probably shouldn't because of her CPAP situation. By the way, don't be alarmed by her blue color; that's just because the photo was taken under the blue lights that help with her jaundice. Jaundice is not a big deal; lots of babies have it.
Willow got a present in the NICU today. Josh's aunt Jill sent her 7 tiny knitted hats, one for each day of the week. Jill is a pro knitter. They are so cute. Willow will have to wait to wear them until she's off of the CPAP machine, because for now she has a special little hat that has velcro staps that hold the tubes coming off the CPAP. That's OK because I think the hats are still a little too big anyway. Here's a photo of all of Willow's hats:

Willow's doctor, Dr. Frei, wrote us a note that we thought was pretty cute.


Chris and Alyssa said...

Thank you for the updates on Willow! She truly is showing that she is a fighter. Those little hats are just the cutest things ever. What a gift that will be treasured for many years to come! It sounds like things are progressing and we continue to have you all in our prayers.

All the best, Chris.Alyssa.Rozzi

Robin and Bill said...

Thanks, Lindsay for the update! I really needed that. I keep checking every morning for the latest news on our little girl-glad to hear she's gaining again!It's that mother's milk!!
And on the jaundice-all of my kids had to go under the "lights" for a couple of days too. I'm glad gramma Judy is there to help pass the time with you. Hopefully tomorrow you can touch Willow again!!
Love, Robin

Kathy said...

12 days old already wow! Your Princess Willow is such a cutie we here at Rehab look for your updates and are wishing and praying for her daily.

Cameron said...


*Willow in one of her new hats!

Talk about cute, man this child is going to be CRAZY cute.

miss ya Linds!

Cam & Liz

Burdick Boys said...

Babies are so amazing in what they can overcome. She sure sounds like a fighter. I'm sure she is going to do well. I have worked with the NICU nurses both on staff and when Ian (my oldest) was there. They are truelly fantastic. Keep up the pumping, I know it sucks, but it is the best for her and she will continue to grow with the liquid gold! Your family is in my thoughts an and prayers.

kate said...

Hey guys! I'm sending all my love from Minneapolis. I just wanted to wish you two congrats on the beautiful little bundle of joy. Josh, you got your baby girl, and she already has you wrapped around her teeny little finger! Lindsay I'm so glad you're getting all healed up and healthy. I just wanted to send you guys hugs and warm wishes from the Hines crew. I check in regularly on the newest addition to our family and can't wait for when we all get to me her face to face! But in the mean time the photos and updates are wonderful. My dad was telling me that I got to wear the super cool velcro sunglasses as well when I spent a stint under the lights after I came out. School is tough right now, but I start rotations in May and I am currently taking a pediatric elective so I actually understand all the medical speak you post! I'm such a nerd I've actually thought about which meds they probably have her on right now. Anyhow, she is beautiful and I can't wait for the next update. Congrats again!

katy said...

Hey guys! Those hats are soooo cute, I can't even stand it. Milo was under the lights for 2 or 3 days as well, I think he actually liked it. It's like a little beach vacation!

Thanks for keeping us posted, I'm glad she's doing so well, that is so awesome. If Milo behaves himself this weekend hopefully I'll get to make Willow a present!

Lois Bell said...

Hi Linds, Willow and whoeveris now in Marquette. Greetings from Branson. I am haaving a fine time with the brothers and Betty and Jody. All are a concerned and hoping little Willow continues her growing ways. We all send best wishes and love to you. G'ma, G'pa' Don, Jody, Dick and Betty

Lisa Dee said...

Linds and Josh,
I am guessing Josh is probably kangarooing Willow as I write this. I hope all is going well today. It's great they keep increasing her feeding amount/schedule. All is well here just hanging with the kids; Scott is off to Dallas. Looking forward to another Willow update. So glad your little family can spend some time together over the weekend. Think of you all lots....hugs to all...especially sweet Willow!

Love, Lisa and kids