Saturday, May 9, 2009

38 Weeks Gestational Age


Willow was actually 38 weeks yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to blog last night. When I was pregnant, I was never quite sure if my due date was May 22 or May 29. The doctor said one thing and the sonographer said another. It just occurred to me that with Willow's age, they've gone by the 22nd date. Fine with me!
I found out yesterday that Willow did better on Wednesday with feeding than I thought. Turns out, while I was at my class, at her 7:00 feeding, she took a whole bottle in 30 minutes for her nurse. I just wish she would do that well at the breast. I guess she's nipple confused or something. She does much better with bottles. I don't know if we've ever mentioned this in the blog, but every other feeding, Willow is getting formula. It's because she has low levels of calcium and I think phosphorous (sp?), and the special preemie formula gives her additional amounts of that while breastmilk doesn't. So I guess it's only natural she'd prefer bottles-they flow quicker and easier, I think. I'm not giving up though, dammit - I've pumped this long and I'm determined to breastfeed Willow! Yesterday she took 14 mLs from me and didn't have any any spells or anything. We'll see how she does today.
Willow has a roommate now- a boy too! I told her she was going to get cooties. :) The NICU has "exploded", as Dr. Frei put it. Babies everywhere. Her roomie's name is Alexander. He's a big boy and very cute. He just got moved in last night and we haven't met his parents yet, although if I'm not mistaken I think I met his mom in the pump room. Having a roomie isn't all that conducive to breastfeeding, but we'll make it work. I'm not that modest.
Josh got in last night pretty late and came straight to the NICU. He and Willow were very happy to see each other. Willow definitely recognizes his voice. I guess it probably sounds a lot different from mine or any of the (all female) nurses.
I had a meeting for work down here yesterday morning. It was conveniently located at NMU, right across the street from the hospital and a block from the Beacon House. It was for the HR group I'm a member of. Some of the women in it got a baby gift which was very thoughtful of them considering we barely know each other. Thanks,Mary and Karen!
Someone (r.a.f. - who are you??) commented that the picture of Willow from a couple days ago looks like she's leaving a present for us in her diaper. Willow looks like that a lot. She doesn't really cry but she spends a lot of time grunting. It's pretty much the main sound that she makes. Apparently it's a preemie thing. It's funny.
Well, time to go visit Willow. Enjoy your Saturday!


Burdick Boys said...

Keep up that determination for breastfeeding! Believe me, it is so much easier when they catch on, especially at night if you learn to lye down while nursing. She will get it as she gets stronger. Once she doesnt need the supplements from the formula you will have clear sailing. The bottle is easier at first, but she will get it, hang in there! You have a great attitude!

h.a.r said...

I'm the "present" commentor, Lindsey...Heather from work...She is sooo beautiful! You should all be home soon enjoying your new life together! YAY!!!!!