Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rooming in Tonight

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write a post to let you know that everything is still on track. I should be rooming in starting late afternoon or evening today. Wr're just waiting for the other two babies in the two rooming in rooms to be discharged before I can go in. Sometimes, if the OB area isn't busy, NICU moms get to room in in an OB room. That would be much preferrable because those rooms have windows and are bigger, but there's no way that's happening because OB is SO busy right now. In fact, there was a pregnant woman at the Beacon House this morning who is in early labor, and she can't get admitted until some people get discharged! She didn't seem too concerned about it though. Anyway, whatever, I'm happy to sit in a tiny room with no windows if it means we get to leave soon. :)

Last night was a little stressful. I got to the NICU at like 7:30 and Willow was asleep. The feeding schedule they have her on now is that she has to have 140 mLs every shift (every 8 hours) as opposed to 55 every 3 hours. It can average out. Well, when I got there her nurse said she hadn't been eating that well so far that shift and still had to take 80 mLs by shift change at 11. But she was still asleep. So we woke her up and I got her to take 50. Then we put her back down, I went to pump, and when I got back it was 10:00 and she still had to take 30 mLs by 11. And she was asleep. So I woke her up again and was basically trying to force milk down her throat-poor thing. The stakes were high because if she didn't take it, they would maybe have to put the NG tube back in and the discharge would be put off. So I was sweating. Lauren was there too, trying to feed Ellen, and Ellen was being a little stinker too. We decided they talked before we got there and made a pact to try to freak out their mommies. Anyway, Willow only took 15 mLs, but her nurse said not to worry, she wouldn't put the tube back in and they'd see how she did for night shift. When I woke up at 4 AM to pump, I called over there and her nurse said she still wasn't doing that great. But, then when I woke up at 7:30 and called, they said she had a huge poop, then took 60 mLs at 7:00 and then woke up hungry 15 minutes later and took another 40! So, I guess she was just a little backed up. Today they said everything is still on track. Whew!! We were laughing last night about the situation; when has a sleeping baby ever caused a mom that much stress? Usually it's the other way around! Ha.
By the way, I haven't mentioned Willow's weight lately. She's 6 pounds, 4 ounces today. She's been gaining weight nore slowly because of all the nippling. It burns more calories than being gavage-fed.
Sorry there haven't been any photos the last couple days. The Beacon House connection has been bad lately and won't take photos. I'm writing this post from the OB waiting room. I'll be able to post some photos when I start rooming in and have my own computer over here at the hospital.
OK, more to come later. Thanks everyone, for the happy comments!


Cameron said...


YIPPI!!! Willow's bulb has turned on & she is going to be at home very soon. Great to hear all the good news. Can't wait till all the Jenson's are back in the neighborhood.

-Cam & Liz

Katie Matzke said...

Way to go, Willow, Josh and Linds!!! You are almost home from the sounds! She is soooo adorable in her big girl outfits! This is all so exciting, and I am so happy for you guys!!! Oh and a happy belated 3-month birthday! Take care,